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This blog will be closed until further notice.

Dear Friends,

I'm going to take some time off from blogging...my parents will be arriving next week so my dad can get his medical check up...of course I will be busy with them and my finals that are coming up soon...till then take care o ashoofkom 3ala khair :)

I will miss you all.


Jelly Belly

Hope your dad gets better inshallah.. Salmay!
You'll be missed ;*

7abeebti.. ygoum bil salama inshallah and good luck in your exams :)

wuv yew

good luck and get well soon her dad.

inshallah ma fee ella el 3afya....and we will miss you..ya sexy thang!

Hey luv, hope nothing is serious with ur dad, and all the best wishes in your exams. We'll miss u ;*

We'll miss you too, babe :*

Enjoy your parents' company (and cooking?)

واذكريني عندما يغيب قرص الشمس الدامي نحو الأطلال


sallamat lel walled

Neshoofech 3ala khair

enshallah mafeeh ella el 3afya.. enjoy their company.. and good luck for your exams :)
oo latinsain e6ileen 3alainna.

i think i had a dream of you last night.. but i don't remember any details :P

I hope things go well! And I hope you get your jelly belly back to blogging soon!

Have fun with your parents visiting. Good luck with your exams may you ace each one.

Ma eshoof shar el waled

say Hi to them ^_^

inshalla kela khair ... will miss you and take a good care of them babe

Good luck ya 7ilwah. And sure you’re missed :*

سلامات وما يشوف شر الوالد

& good luck with your finals
you'll be missed

Hope your dad's check up turns out good results.
We'll miss you.

ajir w 3afiah , and good luck in your exams

Dear Jelly,

All the best, come back soon, oo il-walid maa yeshoof shar.

Take care,


Ma yshoof shar bu Jelly!

Allah ya36eeh el-9i77a wel 3afia

Good Luck :)

7amdellah 3ala salamato w mayshoof shar ensha2allah:D
w good luck in ur exams

Oh boy, it seems I’ve been away for a long time. Best wishes to your father, and study hard for your finals.
Oh, and congratulations on winning the sexiest female blogger title ;-))

Best of luck and best of health.
Hope to see you back soon :)

Thank you all for your concerns and well wishes wallah :*

al7emdallah both of my parents are still doing their check ups bas so far so good...al7emdallah

I have one final to go...so wish me luck :D

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