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Let's kick some Lakers ass!

Good luck to my beloved Suns team....I know you can do it....

I'm a Lakers fan but not when they are playing my home team! and if you see how well the Suns have been playing...they were down 2 games and came back! you gotta love a team who fights till the end! GOOOOOOO SUNS!


although i never watched a game else than nady il kuwait and only for one players belly... i still cheer those of yours :P

Aaaaand she's back!

WB Jelly.. you were missed.

so it took the play-offs to bring u back?! :) shoulda known!!

GL & WB!

Welcom Back girl

We wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! 121 to 90
YES baby don't mess with the Phoenix Suns...Mission Possible!! :)))))

Judy: hahahahahhaa, thanks for cheering them on Rasta baby :*

Perseus: hehehehehhe, yes sort of ;)
Thanks dear I missed you too wallah :D

MSB: hahahahaha I couldn't help it! My home team is playing and I had to cheer them on ;)
and thanks babe :*

estech: Thanks dear :D


Jandeef: LOL ba3th alnass me7tareeen :P

suns suck, suns suck, sun suck, and other stuff ;)

Purgy: 3an al`3ala6 please :P
They came back after they were down 3 games! :P

LA Clippers bring it on :P

Not into B-ball but I did want to say, "Welcome back!"

I had something else on my mind :P

Stallion: Thanks babe :D

Purgy: hahahahha, sorry I didn't get it...hint maybe? :P

You will ;)


welcome back I missed you very much

You cant cheer for both declare your loyalty and it has to be lakers ... I know they lost but you should stick to them

Purgy: email me! I'm curious ;P

mosan: I missed you too babe :*
and about my loyalty aaah it's really hard to admit that I'm a hard core Lakers fan...because I live in Arizona and Phoenix Suns are my home team and mosan baby they have been playing great ;)

but even though Kobe is an arrogant SOB but there is no doubt he is the best NBA player since MJ

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