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Yes, I'm PMSING!

hahahahaha.. 7abeebti

I understand


you look radiant

7aram! You're not a "bitch"!

Not all guys are created equal as well! :oP We do have feeling! A perfect example is Purg! ;o)

Too much information.

Papi: pass me some chocolate, will ya? :*

Purgy: you lift me upppppp,when I'm down ;*

Stallion: thanks babe you're so sweet, but I could be a bicth when I need to be a bitch and trust me you don't wanna see that side of me! LOL
and I know some of you guys have feelings but you guys are almost extinct ;P

Don Veto: Sorry dear, but a woman needs to vent out some steam sometimes :P

hehehe 3ad you are in no yummy chocolate country :P yet chocolate can make us pregnant with a big belly of fat :P so i am in my 6th month now LOL

Thanks for the sweet words and inshallah I would not see you in that state of mind and that you will always be Jelly Belly the Sexy Lady of the Bloggersphere!

3ayel I must be PMSing all year long!

:* Have a wonderful weekend, hotness

Judy: Rasta babyyyyyyyyyyyy I miss you!! hope everything is going well with you?
ee wala yebteeha America 9ij etyeeb al depression min na7yat al chocolates...bas al7emdallah one of my friends brought me some chocolates from London, isn't he sweet? ;)
o don't diss the Belly...LOL

Stallion: oooooooooh you're just the sweetest thing ever! :*

Shurouq: LOL, that would make the two of us....and thanks babe I will try to have a good time this weekend cos I sure need it!

Not all men I hope

mosan: akeed not all men...low kholeyat, khorebat (I think that's how almathal goes) LOL

Hey don't look at me, it wasn't my fault! @_@ *runs*

Hahahaha!!! I likey!! Abbaih.. I think I'm on my way =/
Mali 5elg PMSing.. Ugh!!

3baid: hahahaha, I pictured you as road runner...beeb beeb :P

NuNu: hahahaha 7abebti keep your supply of chocolate ready ;)

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