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I finally got the chance to see CIRQUE DU SOLEIL :))))))
as I said in my spring break post I have been wanting to see their show/s for the longest time but I never get the chance. I finally got to see them yesterday, they are in tour and they stopped here and what an amazing show!

The show that I saw is called Gorteo, in this show a clown imagines his funeral...with all kind of people and music that grows wilder with exuberant parade of images and people from his life that he lived and from the life he made up for himself.

People I can't tell you how I felt watching the show, it was truly a fairy tale that you get lost in it, I really felt like a little kid and I didn't want the show to end.

After seeing that show, I know the next time I'm going to Vegas I'm definitely going to check at least 2 of their shows and one of them is O at the Bellagio.

I'll leave you with some pictures I took:

I wasn't supposed to take any pictures during the show but I couldn't help it, I managed to take two pictures ;)

One of my favorite parts in the show when the little person was flying with the balloons...I always wanted to do that when I was a child, I think I still wanna do that! LOL

Meet the clowns! LOL

I was dancing at the end of the show and my friends think I will never grow up! LOL
Hey I will always be a kid at heart no matter how old I get :P

That's fabulous! I caught "Zumanity" (also Cirque du Soleil) which was amaaazing. I also got to see "La Reve." But I loved the humor in "Zumanity." All the time my friend I were wondering "How the hell can they move, twist, and jump around like that!" Seriously, they must all be triple jointed or something.

I love cirque du soleil. It's just amazing. Glad you enjoyed it ;*

ggjxjyb1- I glad you are not PMS-ing anymore

2- I glad you enjoyed it

3- At the world cup horse race the brought a balloon lady who hovered over the track doing acrobats

oh wow

waddeeeni Cirque Du Soleil lemma tyeen ilkuwait :(

(wa7da imthay3a)

Glad you had so much fun! I would love to watch O too, I heard ina its the best show they have ever did! I watched Algeria and the music was amazing

you man hater you!! :P

Erzulie: oh I wanna see Zumanity too! I heard great reviews on that show...so I think the next time I'm in Vegas I will see O and Zumanity ;)

Shopa: I know I have been wanting to see their shows for ages now and I finally did...thanks babe :*

mosan: 1- I'm moody these days but the show changed my mood ;)
2- Thanks hon :*
3- wow!
4- I hope you have a great trip and have lots of fun :*

Papi: hahahahahaa 7ayati intay insawee cirque du soleil bel Al-Kuwait and the stars of the shows me and you...ishrayich? ;)

Roseate: if you ever come to visit the states let me know and will drive to Vegas to see O how about that? ;)
and I never heard of Algeria before is it part of cirque du soleil shows?

Don: LOL, yeah I think I'm gonna switch teams soon :P

i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!

Nice 3aleech bil 3afya.. i'm glad you enjoyed it.

YEAH girl dance be a kid .. why grow up ?! DONT grow keep that heart as a kid :)

HAve a great time kakawa

yaaay!!wat a day it would be! to get to see u and watch O at the same time!:D I would love to! inshalla I can do it some time this year:) yeah Algeria is a part of cirque du soleil shows, shefta in london bss yea i would love to see more shows!

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Papi: hahahahahaa 7ayati intay insawee cirque du soleil bel Al-Kuwait and the stars of the shows me and you...ishrayich?


Those hats are awesome! :o

snookie: I want to see it again :(
and see more shows when I go to Vegas...care to join? ;)

Judy: Rasta baby I will always stay kid at heart ;*

Roseate: it would be my pleasure to meet you miss ;)

NuNu: LOL, the show won't be complete without you baby ;*

3baid: LOL I know I kept wearing mine after the show ended and I went every where wearing it...LOL
my frients thinks I'm loco! ;)

Amazing! I would love to see one of their shows...

Oh and I really like your blog :)

oooh I'm sooo jealous !!! :P Glad u had fun :)

Sedna: welcome to my blog dear and thank you so much for your lovely words, I'm glad you enjoy my blog and hope I will get to see you comment more often :)

Diigmaa: welcome to my blog too dear :)
hahahahaha and please don't be jealous :P

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