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9a7ee7 ana eb3eeda 3an ilee ga3ed ye9air but I have been following what's going on and I have been doing my part even though it's small comparing to everyone else...I just want to say gawakom allah o inshallah the turn out will be big...I wish I was there with you...

Hala Sit Jelly Belly

Hope you are doing great.. long time miss u

Hey! You're back!! Why did I just know that? =/

Welcome back.. You were missed ;*

Mobi: ya e3yoni wallah 7atta ana I miss you...it's been a while dear...I hope everything is going well with you? ana dayman as'al 3anik 3ind Deef
o la teg6a3 please :D

NuNu: 7ayati wallah, Thank you...I missed you too...yeah I have been back sort of...I don't check on blogs as much as I used to...my parents are still here and I'm still busy with them :)

hiii, shlonhom your parents, enshallah kil shay ok :)

There's nothing such a small part, it all counts ;*

Hind: ba3d 3omery mashkoora 3ala al so'al...al7emdallah they are doing well...dad needs to do a small surgery...other than that al7emdallah everything is good :D

Papi: :*****

Shopa: Thanks babe...it means a lot hearing that :****

ygoom belsalamah enshallah!

Hind: Allah yesalmich 7abebety :*

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