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I'm Back!

Hello everyone,

I missed all of you so much but as you know I have been busy with my family visit...I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had with them...I totally expected a stressful visit especially from my mom because my last visit to Kuwait ended in a bad note! But to my surprise things changed a lot...We bonded in a way I never expected...We talked a lot and she listened...Something we never did in the past...I was myself for the very first time with my parents and I feel reborn after this experience...It's amazing how being honest with myself and my parents had set me free from a lot of pain and denial I was going through...al7emdallah I'm very happy and satisfied with their visit.

This is my parents good-bye note they left me by the door :(

So here are some of the highlighs of their visit

I got spoiled...mom was cooking almost every day....I have to say her cooking skills improved...hahahahha....Since me and my brother cook better than her...But never the less she did a good job...I pretended I was clueless when it came to cooking and she was explaining how to do this and that...It was sooo sweet ;)
Viva Las Vegas ;)

We drove to Las Vegas...My mom gave me a lecture...She couldn't believe that I have been driving in this desert to Vegas so many times before! hahahahahha...I don't think she'll ever let me drive to Vegas again...LOL
we stayed at the Venetian and they loved the hotel...ooh did I mention I won 200 dollars at the slot machines? ;)

I Left My Heart in San Francisco ;)

We went to San Francisco and it was my first time there...Oh my god I fell in love with the city...It was one of the most beautiful places I ever visited in the States...I couldn't believe it took me that long to see San Francisco but I'm glad I got to see it for the first time with my parents...I took a lot of pictures there so I'm gonna end this post with some of the pictures I took...Enjoy :)

A beautiful Sailing boat

Golden Gate


Gebabgeb anyone?

Remember the show Full House?

according to our tour guide Jerry Garcia used to live in the this purple house! Cool :)

another view from land of the Golden Gate.

Jelly Belly


Im happy for you and the fact that you were reborn.. This is seriously GREAT. For some people, it never happens or happens too late.

Good (Y) ..good for you

$200!.. 3ala golat Chappelle ..

Im Rich _ _ _ _ _!

I missed you, welcome back.

ba3deen ana mo gaylech la tel3beeen eqmar! jedam omech wo obooch ba3ad :P

welcome back, we issed u ;P glad things worked out with la familia ;P

allaaaaaaaah SF..... I fell in love with SF more than 7 years ago. AH, I miss being to all those places.

Welcome back jellyoo mokanich 3od we missed you
Sounds like you had great time with the family im happy for you.

You HAVE GOT to tell me what toothpast you use coz in the pic infront of the slots your smile is almost blinding haha ;);)P

Heey JB welcome back, & glad you had good times with the familia :)
looking at those pics I could tell you had a good time, bil3afya :)

Welcome Back JB :) U've been missed! Good to hear that you had an amazing time with your family. The pics 3awar galb tho ;p

You were missed :D:D

Allah ekhalleech lihum =) that's a cute note they left for ya.

welcome back jella bella

leeekee wa7sha wallahee :)

Welcome back, Jelly :) Good to hear you had a great time with the fam.

Full House house! Yaaah!

By the way, I met your cousin F---- the other night. Cool chick; we talked about you. ;)


Mobi: Thanks dear, it's a great feeling to have my parents see the real me...I wanted them to see my life-style, my friends and the person I am today :)

Purgy: I missed you too...hahahahha o I only played slot machines and black jack :P

Shopaholic: thanks 7abebty...yalla Shopa ishrayich etyeen o enroo7 San Francisco? a7es I still have a lot to see...bas I know you love to shop and I'm not so crazy about shopping...fa for a couple of hours will do our own thing...ishrayich? :)

UzF: walla I missed you too sweetie...o 3ala 6aree al tooth paste I'll tell you bas keep it a secert ok? I use "meswaach" LOL ;P

bo_ghazi: thanks dear..walla al7emdallah I had a great time :D

Tequila: thanks 7abebty...yalla ta3lay and we'll have a girls only trip to Vegas and San Fran ;)

Jandeef: I missed you too...o mashkoor ya e3yooni...I didn't notice that note until I got back from the air-port...it really made me cry :(

ShoSho: walahee intee wa7shanee kaman :*

SheWrites: Thanks babe...and you met my cousin F? hahahahaha...I hope she was on her best behavior...just kidding...she's really cool...I'm glad you guys met and hope one day I'll get to meet you too dear :D

awww the notes are so touching..

welcome back dear :)

Sarah: thanks babe :*

Welcome Back!

So happy to have you back :)

Hey JB, those gubagib (crabs) look appealing...is this photo taken in Fisherman's Wharf, near Pier 39?


WB JB, best part of the whole post is about u feeling happy about ur relationship with ur parents, inshalla forever :)

tawni ashoof il gubagib :p

7arakat Ms.Jelly

ancient: thanks 7abebty, I'm happy to be back :*

Sharqawee: it seems like you know San Francisco pretty well?!
you are right I took this picture at fisherman's wharf and it was more close to pier 43 1/2 :)

Q: Thanks dear...al7emdallah I am so happy that my relationship with my parents became so much stronger o 3asa allah la ye`3ayer al 7aal inshallah :)

Mobi: affa 3aleek...ana a7eb al zefar ishloon ma a9awer gebageb..o la kaleet gobgob...it was yummmy ;)

the best part is your dad's comment.. I don't know why, but I felt it was so close to me.. welcome back girly girl

So glad you had a good time.I can't read the note but I'm guessing that by your description that your parents have come to the place where they don't see themselves as your guardian anymore but see you as their adult child.:) Good for you!

welcome baaack :)


what did u get me? ;)

Don: Thanks sweetie...His note moved me a lot.

Christina: Thanks dear, it took them a while to realize their daughter has grown up...although I still get treated like a kid sometimes but I guess it's ok :)

Flamingoliya: Thanks 7abebty :*

Blasha: Thanks 7abebty...o hadeetich inshallah to9alich le 3indich ;)

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