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Time Off

My parents are arriving this Friday...I have tons of things to do before they get here and in the same time I have to deal with major drama that's going on in my life!
So I'm gonna take some time off from blogging (at least I'll try) and get everything figured out. Till then take care.

Qaraat 3ainech Bella :D:D:D wanasah famillia gatherings, enjoy your time m3ahom, clean up the mess, stay safe Oo take care of your self :>

Salam khalty om Jella Bella :D shloon you;)? hehehehehe:|!


Have fun :)

Take care :)

We'll be waiting hoping you're having a good time :)

Good luck with the drama !

Hope you have a great time with your family and get your drama worked out.
Best of luck JB :)

I will be here :) Hope everything works out with your drama.

Take care, we're gonna miss yaw!!

Hope things work fine ;p

Have a good time with your parents!

Garrat 3ainich =)

i think i know u! =o duz ur name start with a "H"???

i think i know u! =o duz ur name start with a "H"???

i think i know u! =o duz ur name start with a "H"???

Salmeeely 3aleehom hon :") Hope you have the best time and the most peaceful visit. I said "peaceful" because that's what I need from MY family, is some PEACE!

Yjoon o yerj3oon besallmah :")


oh honey allah e3eenik heheheh ive been back less than a week an im ready to shoot somebody...but say hi to the fam for me;)

good luck, have fun and take care

tara welaht 3aleech

wain you?! @!@


hey you!
where've you been? need some JB dose ;)


Chinan 6awellaw il ahl ;p

Goldeneyah: eb wayah nabeyich 7abebty...wala ma tetkhaylain ishkether istansat weyahom al7emdallah...o salamt 3ala omi getlaha Goldeneyah itsalem 3aleech ;)

Sarah: I had a lots of fun...al7emdallah :D

Bora Bora: Thanks dear I had a great time and the drama issue all I can say is some major changes happened and I think it's for the best :)

Jewaira: Thanks dear, al7emdallah I had a lot of fun with my family and I'm still working on my drama issue bas so far so good :)

Jazz Central: Thanks dear...the drama is getting worked out...but it needs some time :)

NuNu: 7abebty...missed you too :*

Shopaholic: it's getting there ;)

Sarah: thanks dear...I had an amazing time with my parents :D

Jandeef: eb wayah nebeyik dear :)

Um_ilma3arik: I think you got the wrong person...wala 7arf eb ismee fee H...bas lama omey edal3eni ye9eer eb isimi H :P

Jaded Saudi: allah yesalmik 7abebty...wallah it was very peaceful visit and in many ways I got much closer to my mom...I had a great time al7emdallah.

Q8BL: hahahahaha you know I had the feeling that I would do the same with my mom but to my surprise we got to know each other better and bonded in a way I never thought is possible with mom!! so al7emdallah it was a great visit...hope your having fun in Kuwait...miss you girly :*

Blasha: thanks 7abebty :D

Nooni: ewalahat 3aleech al3afya 7abebty...wala 7ata ana welahat 3aleech...o mashkoora wayed 3ala the beautiful greeting card...it was so sweet of you 7abebty :****

Goldeneyah: Kani Kani :)

Bo_Ghazi: hahahaha Kani...been busy with the family...now I'm back...so they'll be a lot of JB doses :P

Mobi: wala isikit ma 7assait ishloon al ayam 6arat!! I can't believe 2 weeks passed away so fast!

Walla I missed you all and it's a good feeling to be missed by others ;)
thanks for the emails and the comments. Jelly Belly is back ;)

Welcome back, Olaaa!! and finally you are!@!@
:D Glad that you had fun with them, it's so nice to be surrounded with your family, allah ykhaleech lehom Oo ykhaleehom lech enshallah :D

Take care of your self
And stay safe dear :>

(F) (F)

Goldeneyah: mashkoora 7abebety :**

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