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But I Won't Do That!

There is this new ad by Dr Pepper (soft drink) where a guy does everything for his girlfriend like going to yoga class with her, buying her tampons…etc
and the song playing in the ad is Meatloaf song I would do anything for love but I won’t do that….for him “that” was sharing his Dr Pepper…the ad got me thinking...you see some guys would never be caught dead buying their girlfriend/wife tampons/pads…so this questions is for the guys and girls…what is one thing you won’t do for love?

LOL,when I moved in with hubby the first thing he said was that he would do anything but buy tampons and to please never ask.;)He's really a good guy but my Dad had 3 daughters so I never thought that that was such a big deal?

HMMMM,I think the only thing I wouldn't do was take abuse from someone who claimed they loved me.Been there,won't ever go back!

i would have to say abuse too

Good Question !

For me it's Cooking as an obligation,
I find it depressing ..

Don't know :/

hmm.. I could tell you what I wouldn't do but one thing is stopping me from saying it "common decency"

good question though ;)


this is the other sarah. . . I LOVE that commercial. It's really funny and makes me laugh everytime. . just the look on his face when he gets up to run away from her. . it's priceless!

Umm. . . have you seen that Bobby Brown show? I saw a tiny bit of one episode, and he talked about giving Whitney Houston--let's call it a "manual enema"-- when she was constipated. Very gross.

let me love awal then we shall see :) ok how about I love you and we try this experiment and find out ;)?

I’ll buy you tampons ladies, but sorry, I won’t carry your hand bag.. not personal, only business.. :))

Christina: hahahaha I'm not surprised almost all the guys I know would never ever buy tampons for their girlfriends/wives...LOL

I would do exactly the same...I went through a very verbal abusive relationship that shattered my self-esteem...it took me a long time to love myself again and I promised myself no man will ever treat me that way again!

Tequila: Power to you sister...no man is worth to stay with if he is abusive whether verbal or physical.

nooni: Rasta baby I'm so happy to see you comment...lie is a big no no so I don't think I would do that for love either :)

bora bora: hahahahaha your comment reminded me of a very dear friend of mine...alwald kil ma yabee yeroo7 yakha6eb bint the first question he ask if she knows how to cook!!! LOL
his mom and his sisters gave him hell for it...they told him no one asks that question! bas I guess since he works and study abroad it's only natural for him to ask that question.

bas bora you know what they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ;)

True Faith: oh girly please don't tell me you are willing to do anything for love?

Sarah: you can whisper it in my ears if you like ;)

Sarah: Oh yeah I saw it today on Bravo! man I used to love Whiteny Houston and the way she looked...it's very sad she looked high or on some sort of drug and Bobby is drunk all the time...their daughter broke my heart when she cried...she was asking her dad to stop acting stupid! very sad!

Purgy: hahahahah I'm very flattered but let me just tell you I'm too much to handle ;)

Don: come on even if she asked you to carry it for a second while she's looking for something? :P

JB; Never been in Love ... So I don't know what is it that I will or will not do for love ...

True Faith: I hope you'll find love soon hon :*

I would buy her tampons, take care of the babies while she goes out with friends, cook, clean the place, no probs, but I would not open the door for her if she expects me to.

hehehe.. okay!

hmmmm, never say me hate you, and never wash his dirty pants!! ekh :S
hehehehehehe kidding :D bas honestly Where is the love bella?!
Wahahahahaha I've imagined the don carrying his lady bag :D mo shay:pP~~ << naughty me


Yeah I know, I like "too much to handle" kinda women ;)

Chubby Power

I won't watch "football" with him!! It's a bit boring I say =/

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LOL,Don!You mean you will never be one of those guys in the mall looking lost holding their wives handbag while they try to find her?You do know women do that so everyone knows you are taken,right?It's like marking our territory.LOL Not to mention it takes the macho right away.

JB,what is wrong with Purg?Maybe you would be a perfect match?She can cook you know.;)LOL

Very interesting question =) I think it would be to do something that I am totally against just to please him. I would never do that. But it has to be about a really serious matter not an everyday normal thing.

Hehehhe G0LDeNeYah.. no way no how.. :P

Chris, I never thought of it this way.. interesting, there is another reason when a woman gives a man her bag other than the obvious one.. I’m intrigued.. but still no.. what does it look like getting off my Harley with all muscles showing off, and then she hands it to me and walk behind her in the mall.. hahahaha. Not a pretty picture.. :PP

Exactly why she hands it to you!You can look like that at home.LOL

hey babe i know this is totally irrelavent but my phone is busted so i don't know ur number and i leave again wed noonish so try calling me bukraaa or e-mail me ur number or something alright and what i won't do for love.... simple.... give up my independence i learnt that lesson the hard way hehe ...luv ya babe missed u and if ur still around im taking u with me in november;)

I wouldn't lie, steal, cheat, kill or gain weight... mainly gain weight..

hmm.. i wont let the dude tell me what to do.. no way no how..

Wally: are you single? ;)

Sarah: bas ishway ishway mo it9arkhen in my ears ;P

Goldeneyah: hahahahaha I pictured you washing dirty pants...now that's funny...and your question about love...I think love is all around us (I know a bit cheesy but I believe in that) ;D

Purgy: Chubby rules! LOL ;)

nunu: oh come on...football is fun to watch! you need to watch it with the right crowd...you should come over our house and see us all yelling and screaming when there is a game on ;)

Christina: I like Purgy ;)

m: welcome to my blog dear and honey I would do exactly the same :)

Q8BL: a7la shay you check my blog and you are all the way in Belize!!! LOOOL
are you having fun?
I really miss you...and I tried calling you but your phone won't accept incoming calls!
I sent you an email with my number...so call me before you go back to Kuwait...love you babe :*

spontaneousnessity: welcome to my blog first of all...and may I say I think you have one of the longest nick names in the blog world ;)
my favorite part of your comment is you won't gain weight for him! hahahahahaha...do men who ask their wives gain weight exist? I want one! LOL

Snookie: I'm gonna quote someting from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding..."the man might be the head but the woman is the neck that moves the head" or something like that! LOL
so honey make them believe they are in control but not really ;)

who said im going to q8? ;) you know i might dream of san pedro tonight and i might not come back ;P something to think about:* mwah

Q8BL: La Isla Bonita ;)

I can’t think of anything that I won’t do except a threesome ^

Ayya: hahaahahahaha...man why do men love this idea of threesome?
I'm just like you babe...3ala golat al ma9aryeen "ana zay alfereek ma 7ebish shereek" ;)

Yeah well, I wouldn't mind joining your crowd, sounds like fun ;P

and about the:
"...do men who ask their wives gain weight exist? I want one! LOL"

You want one?
Purgy's the one =D

nunu: hahahahhaha true Purg is one of the few men who appreciate beautiful full figured women ;)
but you know I noticed there are a lot of them out there but they won't admit they like full figured women...but again Purgy is one of the few who admits it ;)

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