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Drama Queen

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I have a friend of mine who is the definition of Drama Queen…she’s very emotional and moody…she changes mood in a second….I love this girl so much but sometimes I don’t know how to deal with all her drama…yesterday she called me crying telling me she tried to commit suicide!! I went crazy…I drove to her place in the middle of the night…she lives 30 minutes away from my house…I was sick and already under the influence of NyQuil….I’m not complaining here because I know if I was in trouble she would come to me in a heartbeat…but what bothered me the most she lied about the suicide …I saw her husband (major jerk) and he told me she created the whole thing…I didn’t believe him at first then he showed me the hospital paper work stating she needs psychiatric help…I cried right there and I told him maybe you drove her to this point…I told him you only married her for the green-card (he’s an Arab) I walked into the house and she was in the bedroom talking to one of her guy friends and crying…I waited for her for at least 20 minutes to end her phone call…I didn’t mention to her that I know about her “suicide” lie…I just went along with her and tried to convince her she needs to see some sort of therapist…I even offered to take her personally…she said she’ll think about it…we talked for a while and she was getting sleepy…I left her place when she finally went to sleep….driving back home all I could think of is how could this strong/independent woman that I met 4 years ago became an emotional basket case? Is it her husband? Well she always dated jerks…she’s a 32 year old woman who acts like a teenager most of the time!
I wanna be the good friend and be there for her but sometimes her drama is way too much to handle…I don’t know what to do with her…I feel guilty ignoring her phone calls because she did a lot to me but yet again I don’t know how to be around her when she’s in her drama phase!
Am I a bad friend?

Jelly Belly:
Hhhhhell No you are not .. you are an amazing friend !! if you consider yourself a bad friend 3ayal who on earth is good ??
Another thing, why do women always assume that it is always a man (husband in this case) that drives a woman insane? 3ala 7asab kalaamich, you say that she is a 32 year old lady who acts like a teenager !! That sentence itself explains her mental state "no offence" !!

jb it has nothing to do with the men in her life theyve always been bad and just a result of her poor choices..... honestly i do think she needs psych help think of the other smaller little things shes done.... on the other hand i know what a good friend she has been..... so if u want to be a good freind don't encourage her drama but get serious and help her find a way to end it.... ill talk to u about this later... sorry couldnt help much ems

Jelly Bo.. I tell you this.. I think what you have done that only night is more than many people do to their friends in a life time.. Specially the ones that know the mental status of that friend.. so don’t be hard on your self.. You’re a great friend from what I have experienced knowing you for the past few months..

Another point that I wanted to talk about is the same point that Portuga raised.. I don’t know your friend, I don’t know her husband, you know more about them than any of us here, and maybe you got a good judgment call on what happened.. But to say the truth, and from your entry here, I can’t see why you immediately blamed the husband for what she is going through.. Being a jerk is one thing, but driving someone to that mental state is totally different thing.. I knew many ladies in my life that you might also label as drama queens, and it wasn’t the reason of a boyfriend or husband.. But I come back to saying, you and only you would make that judgment call, because you are the only one from us over here in the blog o’osphere that know them in a personal level..

Last but not least, again.. You are one of the greatest people I met, and I think you are a great friend as well.. So shake it off, and go back to being Jella Bella...

I don't think you are a bad friend at all!You can't fix her,you can only encourage her to seak help.The rest is up to her.:D

she needs psychiatric help right away.
that is what u need to help her get.
You said it yourself she is a drama queen :)
And this time I don't think we should blame the man :p

my first response when i finished reading your post was:
ditch her, why suffer.
i dont want to sound mean, but you did, and still doing your best.
i always tried to be my friends' shrink, i got nothing in return except suffering. i think she's old enough to cure herself along with her husband.

btw, 2 best friends of mine committed suicide (didn't die), i did nothing at that time thinking i was a good friend letting them die to end their suffering. they just won't listen to me.
it's not your friendship that will help her, it's her husband solving her problems, or therapist.

Baby girl.. even though all those users commented on what kind ofa person they "feel" you are.. I KNOW what you are.. and allah yesh-had inna you are the best of the best.. you always cared.. and pampered.. often putting people ahead of yourself.. you push yourself to the max when it comes to a person who needs help.. not only a true friend.. you are an angel.. but 7abeebti.. i know the person you are talking about. She is wonderful.. and strong.. but there comes a time when strong people feel they cannot carry the weight of the world on their shoulders anymore.. they too need to collapse.. I think that's the state she is in.. confused and emotionally drained.. in search of something to complete her .. she needs time.. attention.. and alot of love.. HOWEVER!! you should not be the main source.. she will grow very dependant on you, and you are not up to it now.. help her focus.. she needs something to keep her busy.. she needs to go back to her job.. that would help her focus less on the minor irritating things that goes on in her life.. you know her better..

just be careful.. don't get suck in too much.. I know she was there for you many times.. but then again so have you.. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!! OK?

I love you very much..

I believe friends could only help friends to a certain degree. Your job as a friend is to be there for her (like you did the other night), comfort her, and give her advice. That's all you can do to be a good friend really. Oo ba3dain she is just a friend, not ur sister or daughter! When you feel that she is over reacting and doesn’t respond to your advice.. I'd say ditch her, just like Flamingoliya said. You're not obligated to put up with all her drama if you're not comfortable with it! Aham shay ra7tich. Don't feel guilty at all!

are you the one in the picture?
Rusta baby :) cheer up and don't think about her.
she needs attention and lots of atention , she is a big girl and should know how to solve her problems, if she helped you in the past thats too generous from her ,but disturbing you and not respecting you is another case.

JeeBo girl just don't let her bug your life, don't over give her,, sawetay '7eeer '7alas ge6eeh ba7ar.

she is a big girl and she BRooBaBLEEY ;) need to find out her problems and solve them on her own.

baby girl; you've been a sweet heart on this blog ,i would never think that you can be less in real life.

just relax and takecare of her health , this women !! needs attention thats all, its obvious.

i recomend you talk to her husband and stay away from her for a while to let her understand her mistake and then you 2 can spend time talking about it , after she feel al '3ala6 ely sawetah ma3ach oo ma3a nafes'ha.
you should show her that you know she lied.

o 3eshtay salma , walla la ta36een al nas foug 6aqtech ma7ad yeqader.

J Bunny
You? Not being a good friend? I can’t even imagine that. Ok about your friend, I think all the commentators here did a very good job. I only give you this advice from experience dear. You want to take it or leave it it’s all up to you.
You did a good job being by your friend when she needed you. And regardless of what or who was the cause of her emotional wreckage; one fact remains that she attempted suicide. Whether this act was true or fake is irrelevant. But it indicates the importance of seeking psychiatric help. The other thing to remember is that you are a very romantic person, with some history of depression, if I’ve not been mistaken. And that’s why I’m telling you stay away from conversing a lot with your friend. Try to get her help, yourself if you can, or through her husband. But do not give her your ear. For in no time you will find yourself in her shoes.

Wow, I didn’t expect all these responses….sorry it took me a while to reply…I was really sick yesterday with the flu…I was running a fever and I feel ekh anyways here are some of my thoughts:
ok maybe I shouldn't blame the entire thing on her husband...but he played a major role in her nervous break down…the guy is a royal jerk...he married her for the sole purpose of getting the green-card...he's been seen around with other girls...he treats her like shit and he doesn't care if her friends are around...about a month ago they had a fight that ended with him hitting her!!! to me no matter what, a man should never ever hit a woman...that just drove nuts...they got separated for an entire month and I thought that's the end of it...he moved back in because he got the word he's getting he's green-card so for the interviews they have to be together...you would think the asshole will respect her ishwaya...NO he brings home a girl he's screwing around with and when she asks him not to do that...he simply replies I pay the bills in this house...it's my house and I do what I please!
Ok now this where she drives me crazy!
She’s a nurse and she takes care of senior citizens and it's "snow bird season" which means she should be working her ass off and making good money...but she decides he needs to spend money on her...WHY? I mean the guy treats you like shit and you still wanna take his money? That I never understood...I mean why would anyone accept that? Mind you if she works she would be making more money than him ...I just don't get her...
I know her emotional break down is much deeper than it appears…its years of major issues I mean she comes from a broken home...her mom left her when she was on 3 years old! Her father used to abuse her and her sister...there are serious issues in her life and she needs major therapy for...I just hope I can guide her and help her...because she has a big heart and I owe her a lot...I just hope I could be the good friend she needs and not lose my cool helping her!

Portuga: thanks dear for your sweet words...and I don't always assume that men are the reason that drives women insane! I’m not a man hater :P
But in this case he did contribute in her break down…maybe he wasn’t the main reason behind it but I think he pushed her to the edge.

Q8’s Biggest Loser: you know her in a personal level too…I think I will do what we discussed on the phone babe. Thanks miss future therapist :P

Don: thank you so much for your sweet words…I do feel I have this little support group online that I never expected to care for and learn how to appreciate and even though I haven’t met most of you personally but I feel I already know most of you…Don you are one of the most greatest people I met too…thanks dear :)
And her husband issue I mentioned it above with some details that I should have included in my entry.

Christina: welcome to my blog sweetie and your right I can’t fix her but I could push her harder to seek professional help because she surely needs it.

Jewaira: wow, did I come across as a man hater in this entry? LOL
Yes I will make sure she’ll get some sort of therapy and soon.

Flamingoliya: welcome to my blog first of all, and I can’t ditch a friend…if you know me well enough sweetie you would know I would never be capable of doing such a thing…when someone needs help you gotta be there for them…because I always picture myself in their shoes and this girl been there for me in many situations…I will never forget that…itha banat deerty ma gamaw feeni methel hal Amerkeya ishloon tabeeni ansa kil iley saweta? I will try not to get too involved but I’ll do my best to make sure she’ll get the help she needs…and about your friends I’m so sorry to hear what they had to go through…I’m sure you have been a great friend to them.

Chubby: ya ba3ad galbi…wallah akhjalteni eb kalamich al7elo…o allah yeshad 3alay how much I love you and care for you…3eshrat hmmm cham sena now? 8 years? hahahahhaa…oh thanks 7abebty for your concerns…I know I can’t save the world 3ala gooltich bas you know me better than this…I can’t leave a friend in need…I will help her as much as I can but I will remember not let it drain me while doing that…I have to focus on my school especially this semester…I have a goal to accomplish and nothing is gonna come in my way…so don’t worry baby girl…I think I can handle it and if it gets out of hand I will back off.
Love you and miss you a lot :*

aquamarine: welcome to my blog dear, I don’t have a sister and I always considered my friends as my sisters and in many ways they do feel that way…you were right that I don’t need this o aham shay ra7eti…bas mara7 arta7 ila lama at least I feel I did something…o albajee 3ala allah.

nooni: Rasta baby, it’s not me in the picture…I got it from the net :)
and don’t worry 7abebty I will try to help her as far as I can but not to a point of no return…and her husband is no good for anything…allah laywareech rayal methela.

Rabab: your right honey, I do have a history of depression and I can’t surround myself with drama that will get me depressed again…but I will take her to see a therapist and I will be there for her as much as I can.

I just wanna end this very long relpy with gratitude to everyone…for all the support and words of encouragment and I just hope she’ll be ok and no more drama…ooh I just need to mention something funny about her…she called me an hour ago from a club drunk! I asked the people around her to keep an eye on her…see what I mean with her mood swings! I love her and I just hope she’ll be ok.

Dear JB
you have to tel that you know that she lied abt the suicide thingi. and she should not do that again. try to sarround yourself with positive people. and you are a good friend .. i can tell ..
see @ the game

mosan: thanks hun...I do need to surround myself with more positive people...and I will see you in the game...don't forget to wear the lakers jersey :)

Honey ur a good gal! In fact one of the basic traits in GOOD friends is that they keep wondering if they have been bad friends ;)
And u can “Take it, or Leave it” Anytime ;) A friends good deeds to u are done for love, they do not necessarily have to be returned to be justified. She’s been good to you, you’ve been good to her. End of that story, it does not bind you! And if it’s no longer good for you, in other words; if it’s hurting, bothering or effecting you in any way, then you have a fucking choice!! Excuse my French ;P
You are not required to put up with what u can’t take .. but you are required to live in peace ;)

Then again if you think she has a chance then give it a shot ;) I don’t think there is much chance if she’s still like that at 32, she has to want to change, you can’t do it for her! but if you think you can maybe help show her the way .. maybe ;)

I’m contradicting myself here aren’t I!! lol
Well .. u know what I’m trying to say though don’tcha ;)

Actually JB the way you described her man- ewww he sounds nasty. Meskeena I think I am beginning to sympathise with her and agree with you. But if he makes her miserable she should get him out of her life.

Peach: hahahaha hun I understand what your trying to say...thanks for your concerns and I will do my best to help her out without getting too involved :)

Jewaira: told you he was a jerk...she went on a date yesterday with some guy...she thinks she can replace her emotional drama with men! aah what to do with that woman I don't know!

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