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Todays game (LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat) it's the first match where Kobe Bryant faces his old team mate Shaquille O'neal...it should be a good game. GOOOOOO LAKERS. Posted by Hello

blah! they will lose. Not a heat fan either, Knicks FOREVER.

la inshallah they'll win...la etfawel 3aleehom...besides it's an "EGO" game and when it comes to ego KOBE is all about EGO.

Knicks fan...not bad...I like Stephon Marbury.

Knicks men zeman, so all those new guys are fine, still Alan Houston is one of my favorites.

Orlando Magic sucks hunky dory.. so I'll go with the heat.. I'm Floridian after all..

i can not relate..i'm a big fan of football..oooh ya elazrag el3ab belsa7a...9a7???no..no joking..my hubby will watch the game to...i'm a fan for Man.U. and Real Madrid...mo 9a7 P72??

it was a very close game...Heat won 104/102
I couldn't believe it....it was such a close game the entire time!
ooh well I wont be a sore loser.
Congrats to Miami Heat fans.
ooh yeah I have to give it up to Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade...he's upcoming player...he was just amazing!

I am a big lakers fan to bad I missed the game... on the other hand I like O'niel

mosan: Finally I find a Lakers fan!

oh big time my dear

sa7 nano.

nanonano: ooh I'm a big soccer/football fan...Qadsaweya o mota3a9eba ba3ad...hahahahahha...I have always enjoyed watching all sort of sports...shasawee terabeet weya e9bayan...I'm the only girl ;)

mosan: GO LAKERS ;)

JB, that makes sense! It fits your personality.

I remember once my mom bought me a pink BMX bike...I cried until she exchanged it to yellow (Qadsaweya) so my brothers and their friends wouldn't make fun of me!
I was a tomboy and I think I still am a little bit :)

I like the Lakers. I think they'll make the playoffs but they need to trade for more players to make this a complete team. LA all the way! I like Al-3arabi too, down with Qadsiya!!!

By the way nice blog. Keep it up. Feel free to check out my blog @ www.cupidsbrokenarrow.blogspot.com

Ripped_Heart: welcome to my blog, sorry dear I just noticed your comment.
Go Lakers...hahahahaha...bas may9er you cheer for a yellow team and then green team...you have to go yellow all the way!
GO Qadseya :P
I'll check out your blog and thanks again for stopping by :)

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