Thursday, March 23, 2006

Don't ask me why but I can't stop singing the song and I just want to dance to it ;)

Strangers in the night exchanging glances
Wond'ring in the night
What were the chances we'd be sharing love
Before the night was through.

Something in your eyes was so inviting,
Something in your smile was so exciting,
Something in my heart,
Told me I must have you.

Strangers in the night, two lonely people
We were strangers in the night
Up to the moment
When we said our first hello.
Little did we know
Love was just a glance away,
A warm embracing dance away and -

Ever since that night we've been together.
Lovers at first sight, in love forever.
It turned out so right,
For strangers in the night.
Love is just a glance away,
A warm embracing dance away -

Ever since that night we've been together.
Lovers at first sight, in love forever.
It turned out so right,
For strangers in the night.

Do dody doby do do doo de la da da da da ya

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Break

Spring break is over and it was a blast, I honestly had different plans for my spring break...I was supposed to go to Florida but I tell you people I'm jinxed when it comes to that state, every year I plan to go and something comes up! So I did the usual trip to Vegas and LA....on the way to Vegas something very unbelievable happened..IT SNOWED!!! ok people you gotta picture this...the temperature during the summer usually reaches 114 F and to see it snow was just unbelievable!
I did a lot of driving around and my baby (my car) finally broke down on me in LA so I had to drive my friends car which let's just say it's a very interesting car to drive around LA friends works for a plastic surgeon (his uncle) and he has an extra car with ads all over it (you'll see what I mean in the pictures) the weather in LA was good then bad and then good again...the group was fun but as usual there must be drama or no trip will be complete...LOL
driving back from LA was fun, I had 4 people in the car other than me and they come from all different places (Kuwait, Yemen, American/French and a Lebanese) so can you imagine the music that was played?
but at the end my music dominated coz I'm driving and I had to listen to what I wanna listen to...besides it was late at night and there is nothing better than Om-Kalthoum...the funny part was when one of the girls attempted to translate one of the songs to our American friend LOL
ok enough said and let me leave you with some pictures.

the snow in our way to Vegas

Me and the boys at Caesars Palace.

Every time I go to Vegas I wanna see the Show "O" at Bellagio but I never get the chance :(

Girls could never pack less!

On our way to LA you always pass those weird windmills by Palm Springs...whenever I pass them I feel like I'm in some sort of Alien movie!

Some Pictures I took at Laguna Beach

Ok that's me in the boobs car...LOL...imagine people all weekend I've been driving in this car

hmmm what else do you need...a tummy tuck maybe? ;P

I got to eat my favorite tuna tartar in Le Petit Four at Sunset....yummyyyyyy

after hours we ended up at Habibi Cafe for sheesha....times have changed that place is not the same anymore!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patricks Day....this is to all my half Irish friends (You know who you are) and yes I'm wearing green today as promised :*

Ok People have a great weekend...don't drink and drive ;)

I'm off to LA and see you all when I get back with lots of pictures to post ;)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vote for Jelly Belly

There are 10 days left for the first Kuwait Academy Blogger Awards and I'm nominated for Sexy Female Blogger.
My campaign manager Q80-Demon have been working extra hard on my campaign trail...thanks to him I had a week full of interviews and I was a guest in many TV shows, here are some of them:

Jay Leno got to see the funny side of Jelly Belly.

Me and Oprah got to discuss real women issues.

Larry King and me went over my world peace campaign.

Chris Matthews was just speechless at the end of my interview.

Me and Diane Sawyer go way back.

Don't forget to check the new issue of PlayBoy coming soon in a stand near you ;)

Hurry up and cast your votes here
Remember Jelly Belly, The Real Thing ;)

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm too sexy for my blog, too sexy for my blog...too sexy it hurts ;)

Many of you may already know that there will be a Kuwait Academy Blogger Award and yours truly is nominated for Sexy Female Blogger...Therefore, I decided to start a campaign so many bloggers will know me better and vote for MOI :D

You should vote for me because my mommy thinks I'm special not only that I'm special, I'm sexy, 5'11, full figured, a badass fatass, confident, loving and full of life...If you vote for me, I'll work hard for world peace... Vote for Jelly Belly, VOTE NOW ;)

note: this post is meant to be funny and make the whole Kuwait Academy Awards thing more fun ;)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Caccia alla volpe

Sometimes a good cure for depression is just good old comedy and that's exactly what I did.

One of my old time favorite comedy actors is Peter Sellers and I decided to go with one of my favorite movies After the Fox, where Peter plays Aldo Vanucci/Federico Fabrizi...You got to see this movie if you haven't seen it yet and if you have, watch it again...My top 3 movie for Peter are Dr.Strange love, The Party and After the Fox...I also do enjoy his Pink Panther movies but not as much as those top three :)

while googling some pictures of Peter Sellers I came across this picture, I'm not trying to mock the Amir in any way but you got admit there is some resemblance.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

le meta?

I'm sure many of you heard this story before or lived through it or you know someone who went through it....a9el min mowakethena bullshit (sorry to me it's all bullshit) because it's not even part of our religion!

I'm writing this post because I'm kind of upset over a friend of mine...She's in love with a great guy and everything seemed to be going well with them until his family were questioning "a9elha"
Albint eth-haba o ahala lo ye7almon min alyoum le bacher they won't find someone like her but they totally over looked how amazing she is, how wonderful her family is and all they could come up with is her family name!

My friend case wasn't the first I heard of...I know so many girls who either their family think "elme3res" mo min mowakethom or vise versa.
we goloon laish fe wayed 3awans bel AlKuwait!

I wonder how much longer would it take to change such mentality? Will our generation change things or the cycle will keep going?