Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pulling all nighter!

Studying for 2 tests
greecy food
weird people
drunk people
me and my friend acting silly
waitress and her crazy stories
waitress with no front teeth
6 cups of coffee
a whole pack of cigarettes
all wired up
test in 4 hours!
wish me luck.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Jaded Saudi

Sarah 7abebty, I wish I was there for your Birthday bas I'll see you soon inshallah...I hope you'll have a wonderful day...don't let anything spoil your birthday mood OK?
May all your wishes come true and here is for having another year of bad habits and fun! LOL
Happy Birthday Sweetie :*

Friday, September 23, 2005

A`3anee Aflam

My favorite songs from Arabic movies in no particular order:

1- Asmahan Emta 7ata3raf

2- 3abdelwahab Ya-mesafer wa7dak

3- 3abdelwahab & Asmahan Majnoon-Laila

4- M7mad Fawzi Mama Zamnha Gaya

5- Laila Murad Ana Albee Daleelee

6- Shadia We7yat 3ainik

7- 3abdel7aleem & Shadia 7aga `3areeba

8- 3abdel7aleem Awal Mara

9- Fareed Ala6rash Gameel-Gamal

10- Om-Kalthoum `3aneeli Sheway Sheway

11- So3ad 7osani Ya wad yat'eel

12- 3abdelman3m Madboole & Huda Sul6an TooT TooT I can't remember if it was TV movie or a series who cares I love the song! LOL

13- Duraid Laham Fa6om Fa6omee from the movie 9a7 Alnoum (couldn't find a link)

for the non Arabic films

From Mary Poppins:
Spoonful of sugar.
Chim chim-Cheree.

From the Sound of Music:
My Favorite things
So long, Farewell
Sound of Music

From Annie:
It's the Hard-knock life

From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty chitty bang bang

From The Wizzard of OZ
Some day over the rainbow.

These are few of my favorites that I could remember now...I might add to the list later...but I'd like to know what are your favorite Film songs too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I had a blast :D

I had a blast this weekend, one of my best friends called everyone and I mean EVERYONE to come for my "Surprise" birthday party....I was sooo happy to see all of them there since not all of my friends get along but for that night they did just for MOI :D
I also got calls right at midnight from Kuwait that made me so best friend called me and I totally didn't expect her phone call since she's busy with her new born baby...I also got a phone call from another dear friend (I really value his friendship)...I got phone call from my parents and people I was just amazing to have all these people call me at 12 A.M :)))
At the end of the night everyone gave me their gifts and there was one gift that moved me was a beautiful gift from Chubby Femme...she gave my gift to our friend when he was in Kuwait and he kept it for 2 months and gave it to me on my birthday...Chubboyooo a7ebich and I miss you soooooooo much :*
the next day I got flowers from my family and from one of my best friends :)
over all I felt so happy that everyone came, called, text messaged me, emailed me and of course all of you bloggers with your heartwarming comments but I would like to specially thank NYChick, The Don, Jaded Saudi and Nooni (Rasta baby)
people I got to say I'm feeling the love :*****

PS: Q8's Biggest Loser I love you too :*

Moi at my party

The flowers I got from my family and my best friend :D

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ramadan is early thanks to NYChick :*

I got a package from NYChick today with Ramadan goodies...I can't tell you how happy I was just looking through the box, NYChick 7abebty in3am allah 3aleech o 9ij ma tetkhayalin ishkether don't know this but tomorrow is my birthday and I swear your box is the best birthday gift I had in years because it meant a lot to me. You actually remembered how much I love Caramel log and you bought me some wala I'm speechless. I wanna send you a virtual hug and kiss from me to you for your wonderful gift. 3asa allah yegaderni ared lich al jemeel :*

OK now I gotta run and get ready for my "Surprise" birthday party! Don't laugh, I found out all about it but I'll act surprised.

Again NYChick thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :******************

Opening the box when it arrived.

The goodies in the box included: Khobiz ergag, achar-thoom yebel (my favorite by the way!) elgaimat and the big surprise was a box of Caramel log :D


Friday, September 16, 2005

Al Seter Zain!!

I can't believe how fast news travel?!
I heard about the accident 2 days ago from a friend telling me to watch the news and when I did I was shocked over what had happened!
I know these two girls personally from school and one of them is in one of my classes!
I know what they did was stupid and very irresponsible but people please stop publishing their names and pictures!
ya nass hathee som3at banaat!!!!
When I heard some of the guys here were sending the news links to their friends back home, I went crazy! How could you do such a thing?! laish e3yalana ma yasteroon 3ala ba3thom ba3th bel `3orba?! chena ma 9adegaw isma3aw khabar they start gossiping like women! I swear they make me sick!

I have been getting phone calls and text messages all day from people I haven't spoken to in ages asking me if I know these two girls and what exactly happened! Ya nass 3aib ma edegoon ila 7ag al legafa o al7ash?

ma agool ila allah yesa3ed ahalhom wesa3edhom!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekly Update :)

Hello everybody, sorry I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to but bare with me after all I'm only taking 24 credits :P

So here are the highlights of my week:

My heart was broken over the devastating hurricane Katrina, I was so depressed just watching the news...I was trying to get hold of one of my close friends who works in the oil refineries in Louisiana and I couldn't get hold of him for 4 days...I finally got an email that he was safe and away from the major hit areas (al7emdallah)
My heart goes to everyone who suffered from this horrible natural disaster.

School is crazy...I don't know what I was thinking of when I took 24 credits…but I'm busting my ass big time...I need some cheerleaders to cheer me on LOL.

Memorial weekend was amazing! My cousin came to visit me and one of her friends and we decided to drive to Sedona, Arizona. It was such a fun, adventurous, beautiful, relaxing weekend.
We went hiking, took a jeep tour up the mountain, spent a day in a spa, were abdicated by aliens, almost got attacked by a bear...OK…I could keep going but as usual I'm gonna end this post with pictures I took...ENJOY ;)

The view from our hotel room, isn't just breathtaking? (my feet in the picture...I need to get a pedicure)

We took an off road jeep ride, that was pretty exciting and fun, this is our tour guide/driver this chick can drive!

Our Pink Jeep ride took us right in the middle of the canyon and surrounded by the beautiful mountains right at sunset.

OK I cracked up when I saw this...but I'll leave it to your imagination :P

After a nice massage in this tiny spa, we sat and drank some coffee (Perrier water in my case) smoked a cigarette and read a that moment MissCosmo-Kuwait crossed my mind because the area I was in was known for Meditation.

I was taking pictures of flowers and I saw this grasshopper (at least I think it is) and I had a flash back of cartoon memories when I was a kid...remember Bashar...wa zaina o na7ool...o 3oglat al e9ba3...they all had grasshopper characters...LOL

I almost got attacked by a was scary :P

And abducted by a UFO...LOL

Just for you Don...that was the Sedona chopper store ;)

is that better? :P