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Happy NewYear everyone :* Posted by Hello


ana agool namee a7asnlech coz you posted a pic with 2003 :P when u wake up, fix it.

happy new year 2 you to and hope the best for you in 2005 :)

Dance your night away... oh.. and sip on champaign

HapPpPpPpY New YeaaaaaaaaR :},, wish u all the best dear :*

Happy New Year Jelly Bella Donna !

Happy new year sweety :)
may the new year bring every one whatever joys 04 failed to bring :)

Purgatory: LOL, I just noticed the picture…I was too tired to even check….hahahahha…I like the cat with the champagne glasses though…o maley kholeg to look for another picture…so can we ignore the 2003 and just pretend the 03 is 05? ;)
Happy New Year sweetie.

Don: I’m gonna make sure I’ll have my dancing shoes on for 2nite and I’ll have a nice glass of Rose` ;)
Cheers sweetie and Happy New Year.

Q80-Chill Girl: Happy New Year sweet heart :*

Jewaira: Happy New Year Dancing Queen….I just decided to call you that ;)

Peach: Happy New Year babe…I will dance/drink for the both of us!
Cheers ;)

8 more hours to go for our New Year ;)

Happy New Year JellyBaby!

happy new year dear :**

Happy new year
Happy new year
Happy new year

wish you all the best in this year
Hope you acheive what you couldn't do in 04.
All the best.

D&G, mydream, Noon: Happy New Year :*

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