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Day Three, Smoke Free

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Today is day 3 and I haven't had a cigarette yet!!
I have to say this is one of the hardest things I have ever done, I'm craving 2 smoke a cigarette so bad but I'm holding back.
I'm even trying to avoid some of my friends because they are smokers and I don't know if I'm strong enough to be around them yet. This is one new year resolution that I better achieve, so I'll keep you updated, wish me luck!

Good Morning J.BellaDonna
Yes, that is a perfect way to begin the year. One day at a time. You're doing a great job so far :)

use the patch my dear ...it works..

Patches patches patches... use them.. it will make you phase out of the nasty habit.. wallah sim3ay kalamee.. it works.. and stay away from drinking for the first couple of weeks.. it will make you weaker

Jewaira: it became a tradition now; you are the first to bless my entry everyday with your comments ;)
Thanks for the support babe :*

mosan and Don: You guys are right, I haven't got the patches yet bas I'll get it first thing tomorrow morning inshallah...I have been chewing a lot of gum coz I did notice I have been eating more, so I don't wanna gain weight in the process or maybe it's ok if I did gain ishwaya...I have to think positive, one resolution at time :)

Oh God please give me the strength to be strong.

For God's sake don't use the patches AND smoke like someone I know who ended up with nicotine poisoning!!!

yes you are rite jewaira plus
jelly Belly if you use the patch your chances of gaining weight is slim

Jewaira, I'm sorry , but this is the stupidest thing one would ever do.. I'm sure JB has the common sense not to do that...

No smoking while on the patch…check
Slimmer chance gaining weight on the patch…check
Anything else?
Okie dokie I’ll get all patched up tomorrow…or I should say later on today :)

Guys I was just warning her in case the urge to smoke got too much even with the patch on. In truth I do not smoke so I would not know about such desires ;)

EXTRA (the brand) gum with you at all times.. especially after a meal or coffee


wish you luck, although smoking does not kill :) *ouch* who hit me with their sh7a6a!

Jewaira: Thanks for the warning babe :*

mosan: oh I already bought a lot of gum...ekh but the urge to smoke after meals...aya yayaaah allah ye3ani!

Purgatory: 7emdallah 3ala alsalama babe and don't you start on me...I have been behaving so far...I just hope I can keep it up :P


:D grat work dear :D keep it up inshallah u will do it & get it out of ur system, wallah am so happy for you :*

keep it up

keep it up

keep it up


Thanks for the info about CNN on cupid's blog.

About smoking: My husband used Wellbutrin and stopped getting cravings almost immediately. He still thinks about smoking sometimes (like when we go somewhere we used to go when we smoked) but he hasn't touched a cigarrette in over 2 years. I tried quitting "cold turkey". I ended up "quitting" several times before I really quit. I haven't had a cigarrette in about 2 years. So, it took me about 6 months to really quit, when for him it was overnight.

As for the weight loss: My husband and I have been going to www.slimfast.com for help on that. We don't really like the slimfast shakes and bars. But if you go to the slimfast website and fill in the information for a Meal Plan they give you ideas about what to eat for each meal. They have things like eggs for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and casseroles for dinner. So, you don't really have to use their shakes and bars if you don't like them. We've each lost about 20 kg in about a year. We probably would have lost more if we actually stuck to the diet and didn't cheat on it a couple of times a month. Also, exercise helps A LOT. Having more muscle makes you burn more calories and therefore be more likely to resist weight gain. But you should find an exercise you like. My husband likes the treadmill because he can watch TV while doing it. I like having a lot of exercise videos so that I can vary my exercise each day.

Anyway, good luck with your resolutions. I'm sure you will do well!

Q80 Chill Girl: 7abebty you are my cheer-leader.
thanks for your motivation...I'm still working hard to be smoke free...Day 4 and I haven't had a cigarette yet...thanks again babe for your support, it really means a lot to me :***

Sarah: welcome to my blog and thank you so much for the tips. I have been yoyoing between diets so I know I need to stick to one diet really soon and more importantly get my **S to the GYM.
I'm working on my resolutions one at a time...I'm getting there.
Thanks again for stopping by and please don't be a stranger :)

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