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ekhhhh I think I'm getting really sick with the flu...kilish mo wagata :( Posted by Hello

مو معقول أنا فيني أنفلونزا
و موسانو فيه أنفلونزا
TheDon:فيه بداية انفلونزا

Salamat, matshofen shar :|

nanonano: kila menkom 3adeetoonee :P
salamtich ya galbi intay o mosan o Don.
I think I'm gonna take some NyQuil o banam.

mydream: alshar ma eyeech 7abebety..thanks :*

JB, you look cute when you are sick

Purgatory: I try ;)

FACT: blogs are contagious..
or we are spending too much time together..

JB, :)

Toooo much time
مدير الصوت

Salamat Jelly Bella
Drink lots of hot water with whole lemon and tons of honey
1,000mg of Vitamin C
And get enough sleep :)

I think I got knocked out from the NyQuil I took…I’m not sure if I overdosed or not but damn I sure feel like I had a bad hangover!
I have been in my PJs all day…poor Bu S3ayed (my cat) I think he’s sick too…I heard him sneezing all night.
I really wanna get better b4 New Years…I hate to spend the night at home :(

Jewaira: I have been drinking a lot of fluids.
Honey and lemon and a lot of Vitamin C too…inshallah it will kick in soon.

Don: announce that you are sick ahead of time so I’ll try to avoid your blog :P

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