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A face lift?

I know I keep changing the blog templates...I still can't find the right one...I think my problem is I get sick of the same color (People who know me personally can see that with my hair color, I change it so often, this month might be blond...next it might be brown or Pink...Yes I dyed my hair pink...hahahahahaha...that was fun!)
I need to personalize this blog more...I'm still learning how...I know it's gonna take me some time. So bare with me people :)

Good Morning Bella
Kayfich it's your blog do whatever you want. We'll just sit back and suffer...:p You're doing a great job dear
About the hair, it has been a fantasy to dye my hair purple. But am too chicken. Should I try it before the year is up?

JB, bes ya bent am too old for changes all the time :P

Jewaira, purple fantasy ha ;) wait and see what will come :)

there's somthing wrong with me i'm always agreeing with P72

jelly try watching SHE DEVIL the BBC seires

Nano, poor woman, agreeing with me is terrible ha :)?

Jewaira: Good Morning sweetie, I just woke up…I guess the only good thing about being sick is actually sleeping! Anyhow, I’d say go for it babe…it’s so liberating to do something crazy…personally I think changing my hair color is a way to express the mood I’m in…I have to say when I first dyed it pink I looked myself in the mirror and I started laughing my ass off….I knew I would get all sort comments on it but I swear I had so much fun doing it…so trust me dye your hair purple and have fun…if you are too afraid to do it…try to dye part of your hair. Let me know if you actually do it ;)

Purgatory: Stop acting old and grumpy :P

nanonano: 7abebty there is nothing wrong with you, in a weird twisted way Purgatory is right some times :P

mosan: I only have cable, I don’t get BBC :(
Is the series as funny as the movie?
I wonder if I can order it some how…I enjoy British comedy :)

i think it´s beautiful, luv´d it


me grumpy :) ?

Rabab: Thanks 7abebety, I'm glad you like it :)

Purgatory: ok ok not grumpy...stop feeling/acting old :P

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