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Christmas Feast

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Yes "Beoble" I did it...I Jelly Belly cooked an entire Christmas feast! I'm so proud of myself....hahahaha...al7emdallah everything turned out good and everyone enjoyed dinner...I'm so Happy!

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did you guys notice Shaq on T.V? we were watching the game (Lakers vs. Heat) which was very disappointing I must say :(

صباح الخير و الطير..ما شاءالله عليك و الله تعرفين..خلف الله علي أمس لأن الشغالين كلهم طالعين اجازه ما أقولكم عن توهقي..طلعت خراقتي كلها جدام أم زوجي
أنا وااااااااايد أحترم اللي يعرف يطبخ و يعزم الاوادم على طبخه بس المهم بشري لذيذ و أنأكل و لا لأ

looks like lots of fun

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nanonano: 7abebty ana ma ta3lamat al 6obakh ila lama yeet America….yama 7aragat il akil o yama I had disaster in the kitchen bas you get to learn and I don’t think it’s too late to learn…I’m sure your hubby will appreciate a nice home cooked meal from his beautiful wife ;)
o al7emdallah the food was good o “latheeeth”
it took forever to cook the turkey and I was slaving in the kitchen trying to get everything ready…I had to do it fast because people were getting hungry and boy do people get all crazy when they are hungry…bas tadreen after cooking an “American dinner” I appreciate cooking Kuwaiti dishes much more now…al7emdallah akelna easier to cook!

mosan: It was fun…I got to see some old friends and meet new ones.
The only thing that ruined the night was the Lakers loss the game. I must say I had some money on that damn game :(

Mmm Walla fannana mashallah 3alaich. It looks delicious 3alaikum bel 3afia.
Yes, the best thing about studying abroad is that you learn how to cook. Especially Kuwaiti men - when they live abroad and learn how to cook and make delicious mechabees, it increases their value as a potential husband ;)

Jewaira: Thanks sweetie...it9adgeen almost all the guys I met here are excellent chefs...I think guys are more concerned on having a good cooked meal so they learn how to cook o yetfananoon!
when my brother used to study here...I used to call him all the time for recipes o mashallah 3aleeh he used to cook like my grandmother...ma ye6bakh ila eb dehin 3adaney!! LOL
I consider myself an average chef :)


Looks good, although I do not understand why you added corn in the salad, wouldn't beats be better choice? :)I can see what you mean quick cooking, because the turkey would have been more crispy if they let it cook, but hungry people, shtsween feehom? However, judgeing by the color in the pictures, it looks cooked enough to be eaten.

Congratulations on making it to the chef's club, you can cook in my kitchen anytime, unless I am cooking, then its no one allowed.

Don’t worry the lakers will Bounce back

Jelly.. 9ubbat sa3abeelee..

wow.. that looks soooo good..

I'm the exception I would say.. I still try to cook the egg in the microwave kinda guy

Purgatory: Did I make it to the chefs hall of fame? Hahahahaha…I’m not worthy :P
Thanks dear for your sweet compliments…I was short in time bas I did my best….o 3ala al salad I had to use what I had in the fridge…Remember all the grocery stores are closed on Christmas :P

mosan: almishkila I have been waiting for them to bounce back for the past god knows how many games! I’m a loyal fan but I’m starting to lose hope :(

Don: Heya my food made you drool ;)
Inshallah I’ll cook a feast for my fellow bloggers if I ever get the chance to :)
O fashaltana ya Don…I was just saying all men who studied abroad are good cooks…yalla ma3aleeh I’m sure you make it up in other ways :P

JB, yeah now it makes sense :) as for the hall of fame, you can make it, most of us did.

I need to master desserts/sweets to be considered in the chefs hall of fame :)

hmm, most women say they can do that and cannot make normal food, so you would be an exception :) besides, who needs to make sweets, you can get that everywhere :)

Purgatory: I wanna learn how to make sweets...I make great "ger9 e3gailey" (Kuwaiti cake) hahahahaha...everyone likes it bas that's about it!

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