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I saw this picture of my baby nephew and all I could think of is the Budweiser commercial "Wassup" I swear I laughed, cried and smiled again...sob7an allah how a little baby could evoke such emotions...maybe because I haven't seen him yet, I haven't held him or spoiled him...I do feel I'm missing out on a lot...I wanna be there for all of those things. I'm going through a bad case of home sick right now because of the pictures...ma agool ila allah ye9eberny bas!
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Jelly Bella
So cute mashallah and this is the funniest/sweetest picture!
Try to busy yourself dear with life around you to minimize the homesickness. Inshallah you will be back soon. We all went through that and it is tough I know but when you are back home you will look back on this time and have alot of lovely memories. This time will always be special for you.

Jewaira honey thanks for your sweet comments...god knows I'm trying my best to keep myself busy and I know one day I'll look back and remember my days in the States...bas right now I guess I'm a bit emotional...every year it gets worse...I don't know whether getting older has anything to do with it!

(jumps from his seat and falls backwards)

Hang in there and we will be with you all the way :)

Who is we?

Jewaira: thanks for your support babe :)

Purgatory: erkid ya walad :P

JB, me! entee khar3teeni! zain enna ma sar feeeni khaz baz :)

what did I do? weshlon khara3tik bala? :P

That kid! he wants to punch me and even bite me with his baby teeeth!!!

LOL...walla 3aleek imagination...I thought of the wassup commercial and you saw some karate move in the picture!
Interesting I must say...walla you made laugh :)

eee eee!! you laugh, ana akhter3 :( just wait till P4 is out :P

don't hide behind anyone :P
P4 P6 P8...ma yehemni...bring it on baby :P

oh that is how you want it ! fine fine :P

I am ready

I'm ready too :P

Morning, *punch* :P

Good Morning 2u sweetie
I feel lousy 2day...I think I'm getting sick :(


ah poor kitten, make sure you take good care of yourself. Sorry that I punched you then, I feel bad now :(

wain a9erfha you feel bad? :P
I think I'm gonna fix myself some soup.

JB, you can redeem it one day :P

when and where? :P

JB, finish your studies awal then we can discuss :P

ok ma feeni 7eel I argue...I really need to fix myself some soup....and I'm too tired to move...I think I'm gonna make myself some chicken corn soup.


good good, you do that :)

I had to remove the picture of my baby nephew...my sister in-law was furious with me...she didn't like the idea and she thought about "7asad"
I believe in 7asad but not like the way she does...anyhow I had to respect her wishes :)

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