Sunday, January 29, 2006


I got a book recently from a friend of mine called Fat Chicks Rule! How to survive in a Thin-Centric World by Lara Frater.
At the beginning I didn't know if I should be insulted or not because this friend is skinny, but I decided to not take it too personal...So as soon as I went home I started reading the book and I couldn't stop laughing...the book talks about what most overweight women go through in every aspect in their lives from shopping to dating to the right positions for sex LOL

one of my favorite parts in the book is the section where it talks about the witty comeback against "Fat-Phobic"
here are some of the comments:

"Fat Bitch"
-"Why thank you!" with a big smile
-"God loves you, too."
-Demand a big hug for their kind words.

"You have such a pretty face - If only you'd lose weight." (ekh I hate this comment, I get it all the time)
-"It's a shame you have such and ugly face, and you know, I don't think plastic surgery will help. Hope I didn't hurt your feelings." (LOOOOOOL I love this comeback and I think I might actually use it if I heard this stupid comment again!)
-"Then I won't have such a pretty face anymore." (I actually used that line before..LOL)
-"You have such an ugly soul, I don't think any amount of weight loss is going to help." (too harsh, I don't think I would say such a thing!)

"You're Fat!"
-Touch your body and scream, OH MY GOD! (LOL I'm gonna use that comeback)
-"Really? I never noticed."
-"You're not! What are you waiting for?"

"You don't need that cookie"
-"Damn right I do"
-"You're right, I don't need it - I want it."

"You've put on some weight."
-"Thank you."
-"Must be all the great sex." (LOOL I'm sooooooooo gonna use that line just to get that shocked look on people faces)

I'd like to thank my friend for giving me the book...I really enjoyed it and I wanna tell all the Chubby girls out there that we are beautiful and sexy ;)

oh one more thing, this post is dedicated to Chubby Femme 7abebty al emtan yemkin engarthaw bel Al Kuwait bas the few of us who are left are damn gorgeous...Chubby Girls Rule :*

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Too Too-Too Too Wat7aya Al Kuwait!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

3atham allah ajerkom

I just got the news that Sheikh Jaber Ahmed Al-Sabah has passed away, my condolences to every Kuwaiti.

it's a truly sad day to all Kuwaitis...allah yer7imik we`3amed roo7ik aljana inshallah.

3atham allah ajerkom bel Sheikh Jaber, ina lel allah wa ina ilaihee raje3on.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Show me the Benjamins ;)

Happy Eid Everyone :*

Saturday, January 07, 2006

8th wonder of the world

I finally got the chance yesterday to see the 8th wonder of the world, I have been living in Arizona for a while and whenever someone asks me if I ever visited the Grand Canyon my reply would be no!
I usually get a shocked reaction but the fact that it's 4 and half hour drive it makes me want to say I rather go to Vegas or San when I finally told one of my friends I never seen the Grand Canyon, she said ok we are leaving on we did and I'm glad I was so beautiful and breath taking...we hiked a little bit (I didn't last for long being an over weight smoker) LOL
here are some pictures I took of our little trip...enjoy :)

we saw a baby deer that we called Bambi

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years @ Las Vegas

There was a sea of people you couldn't walk because it was so crowded.

The fire works behind Treasure Island was so beautiful.

That's me, looking so lovely ;P

And here are some of video clips I took...enjoy ;)

The count down video clip
Click here to watch 'New-Year-2006-06161'

People dancing on the street video clip
Click here to watch 'New-Year-2006-055'

OK I have to go and wear my Penn State T-Shirt and get ready for the game (college football) my old school is playing against Florida State...
so to all Penn Staters fans...WE ARE PENN STATE ;)