Friday, August 26, 2005

I've been tagged by the lovely NuNu ;)

so I guess I have 2 posts today ;)

10 years ago:
last year in highschool...getting ready to come the states for school.

5 years ago:
I met a wonderful person.

1 year ago:
I had an awakening of some sort!

First day of my salsa, swing and ballroom dancing class (I can't wait)

Three snacks that I enjoy:
1- Chocolates
2- Jelly Belly jelly beans
3- Beef Jerky

Three bands/artists that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:
hmmmm wayed I can't think
Om-Kalthoum, Fayrooz, 3abdel7aleem, Madonna, Mariah Carey and many more.

Three things I would do if I win $100,000,000
1- give half of the money to my parents.
2- buy a nice house by the beach.
3- travel.

Three locations I'd ran away to:
1- Bahrain.
2- The States.
3- A beautiful island with no tourists around.

Three bad habits I have:
1- smoking
2- screening my phone calls and waiting for a message before I call back since I hate talking on the phone.
3- sleeping with the TV on.

Three things I like doing:
1- Playing cards
2- Swimming
3- hanging out with friends.

Three things I will never wear:
1- thongs.
2- mini skirts.
3- fishnets stockings.

Three TV Shows I like:
1- Seinfeld
2- The Simpsons
3- Sex and the City

Three movies I like:
waaay 2 many to list just 3.

Three people I'd like to meet:
1- an online friend that I've known now for 7 years.
the other 2 are dead maybe I'll meet them in my next life!

Three biggest joys of the moment:
1- my relationship with my parents after their visit.
2- a major change in my life that happened recently.
3- getting things back on track :)

Three favorite Toys:
1- men
2- men
3- and men....LOL

OK I'm tagging anyone who wants to be tagged ;)
yalla it's the weekend and I better go out and do something...see ya!

Hello :)

Hey everyone sorry I have been really busy since school started on Monday...I'm taking 24 credits this semester! 17 at the University and 7 in the community college!
Fun ha! LOL
well some of those classes are easy A so I'm not so worried but I need to work my butt off to graduate...I've messed up so many times before and for the past year I have been working to clean that mess...al7emdallah 3ala kil 7aal :)
I can't complain much but it's kind of embarrassing that I'm turning 27 in September and I'm still in school...I feel old since I'm surrounded by 17 and 18 year olds.

I'm taking a dancing class every Saturday it's Salsa, Swing and Ballroom dancing...I can't wait for tomorrow...I'm really out of shape so I'm a bit worried but let's just hope it's gonna be fun.
so that's what I have been up to lately...

oh one more thing I'm gonna add a picture (teaser) of my friends project (Check the previous post) I wish I could show you how the room turned out (Sorry you gotta wait until the show will be aired) everything looked amazing...I'm so proud of her :D

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jelly Belly on TV!

One of my dear friends is a interior design student (from Kuwait) and she was picked to be a part of an interior design show on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) She has to design a bedroom for a young newlywed couple...she called me up a week ago to ask me if I would like to be a part of the show and help her first I was a bit hesitant to be on TV...although my major is broadcasting management, I like to work behind the camera not infront of I decided at the end to help her out since she really needed all the help she can get!
I got there early in the morning and our job was to paint the walls...I have never painted a wall before but it was a fun project and a pretty good workout too ;)
although we painted the walls, tomorrow the pros will come in to finish up the paint job and add different colors to it for the final look (I can't wait to see it)
She decided to go with a Moroccan theme to the room and I'm in love with all the pieces she got (Although I think the stuff she bought was overly priced even after the discount...I kept thinking how cheap she could find these stuff back in Kuwait) she has to work with a budget of 3000 dollars and get everything for the room within the budget...I have to say I'm impressed she did very well (al7emdallah) so tomorrow or I should say today since it's almost 2:30 AM I need to go there and help her again for the finale!
I can't wait to see how everything will turn out...I'm very proud of her...she's very talented and people you have to watch the show on HGTV...they said it should be aired sometime in November! for all the rest of you back in Kuwait I will post pictures of the room when they broadcast the show...I can't show the pictures until the show is on air!
But I have included some pictures of yesterday's work.

This is me "screwing" LOL
I was putting all the pieces togetehr for the ceiling fan.

posing for the camera with one of our friends mom ;)

The two contractors for the show...really cool guys...they were my smoking buddies...LOL

our local ABC News showed up for the story.

My friend and the TV crew.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jelly Belly AlBancharcheya!

Have you ever gone through a bad day and you just felt that everything was going wrong? (I know I sound like a bad commercial) :P
Well I did and it was one hell of a day!
I started off the day by socializing with some friends I haven't seen in ages and then trying to keep a tight schedule to meet 2 other group of friends in the same day (bad idea) I wish if all my friends could just get along and make my life not only I did the stupid mistake of meeting all 3 group of friends that day…I found out I had to pick up my cousin from the airport @ 1:00 A.M and of course his bags were the last bags out! So I dropped him off his place around 2:00 A.M and on my way back from a very long and exhausting day...bam I get a flat tire!
I was thinking to myself why me god why?
I got into my car to reach for my cell phone to call for help...huh yeah right! Well with my luck my cell phone battery died on me! And you know what the funny thing is I usually have a battery charger in my car but a friend of mine went on a road trip and asked me if she could borrow it! LOL
Wait it gets better! You see it was late at night and I wasn’t on a main road, I was alone with a damn flat tire oh yeah and it was raining!!!!!
mind you I was all dolled up, wearing a brand new jeans and a cute top...I wasn’t willing to ruin my new jeans…so I was waiting for some help...a car might pass by and help me with the damn tire...half hour passes by and nothing!
So I had to face reality and change the tire myself…oh what an experience it was…first I couldn’t figure out how to lower the spare tire from underneath my car…that took me about 30 minutes…why can’t they make life easier and put the spare tire in a more easier place like the trunk for example…anyways after lowering the tire…I thought that was the hard part…hahahaha think again…it was so hard trying to loosen the wheel lugs…those suckers were so tight! (while doing all of this I was thinking to myself if I was in Kuwait I would never had to go through this mess to begin with…LOL) at first I was turning them clockwise and it didn’t feel right…and right there in the manual it said counterclockwise…people you gotta remember it was late and my mind wasn’t functioning at all…LOL
The car jack was in three parts that you have to put together…which was like a puzzle to me…I had to go in the car every 5 minutes to read the manual….I finally figured out how raise the car with the jack…that was the fun part…hahahahahahaa…the not so fun part is putting the new tire in…that sucker was heavy…but I worked out some muscles ;)
when I was finally done with everything I had this huge smile on my face that I Jelly Belly actually changed a tire...I was so proud of myself but I was sad that there was no one there to witness this glorious moment…I wanted to have all my guy friends around whom for years made fun of me coz I didn’t know shit about cars! LOL
So the moral of this story…ladies we don’t need a man in our life! LOOOOL

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Dear Purgy

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm feeling kind of blue tonight...I don't know if it's the weather or what...I guess I'm gonna go and watch some good old movie...I think I'm gonna go with a classic chick flick...Pillow Talk, starting Doris Day and the beautiful Rock Hudson.

yallah erzegana eb wa7ed eb 6ool Rock Hudson o Jamala bas God please make sure he's straight.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In Support of Sarah's WNF Campaign

Monday, August 01, 2005

King Fahad 1921-2005 (R.I.P)

A7eb agdem 3aza'ee lee kil ahal al So3odeya wa ahal Al Khaleej eb wafat Al Malik Fahad Bin 3abdel 3azeez. Ina lel Allah wa ina ilayhee raje3on.

My Condolences to the people of Saudia for their great loss, may he rest in peace (Inshallah)