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The big 30 scare!

OK so I'm turning 30 in September and everyone around me is making such a big deal out of it except for me?! Is that normal?
I honestly don't feel like I'm turning 30.... I think I'm still stuck some where around 23 or 24 LOL... 

the other day I went to the gas station to get some cigarettes and the lady at the gas station carded me (asked for my I.D) and she said oh someone is turning 30 soon and I smiled and said yes... she was talking about her son turning 30 soon too and he's stressing over being 30 and I don't know if she was trying to make me feel old or what but at the end I smiled at her again and said Hey lady you just carded me for cigarette so I don't feel a day older than 18 :PP

So yeah still in the States for those who's asking debating whether to spend my 30th bday here or back home! LOL

So to all my friends who are in their 30's or turning 30 soon people AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and please stop stressing over it and making me feel OLD :PPPPPP


been a while

salmch allah I will be 30 with in two years to come :) and already every one around me is making a fuss about 28, my father the other day was shocked that I turned 28 for real LOL he for some reason thinks im still 25! no body thinks im 28 "looks wise" a girl in the french class im taking thought i was 19 :D

yesterday my sister was like

اختي: اشحلاتها هالمغنية بس ترى كبيره
انا: يعني جم عمرها
اختي: اممم كبرج 28 شي جذيه
انا: :> شكرا .. يعني انا عجوز؟

Since when did age become so important! i think the mind age is the big difference, how long you have been in this life is not such a big deal :D

I've had age on my mind since my early teenage years.. Terrified by the idea of turning 25 :)

I'm 32 turning 33 next march and as much as I loved my late teens and early twenties, nothing tops the last two years of my life.
30+ is a bless.

Happy birthday ya ish6a :*

u didnt make it any easir on me:(

am getting old:(

middle age crisis :)

good luck

oooh coool..ur turning 30 soon..and I think it is time to start caring for ur health!:p

10 more years to go ;p

Happy Birthday in advance ^_^

Q80-Chill girl: al3omer kila ya 7abebty...
o almawgef ilee 9aar feech weya your sister... it happened to me many times LOOOOOL
and then they realize what they've said o yabdoon yerag3oon LOL

Shurouq: 7ayati ya sunshine... el3omer kila ya galbi... personally I never made a big deal about my age... and I too believe my 30's will be a blast...
don't they say 30's are the new 20's LOL ;)

Superman a.k.a Supermind: awal shay I'm older than you in 2 months so that alone should make you feel younger :P
o ba3dain tawik shabab ya Superman :P

Sailor: LOL no I think I'll have my middle age crisis in my 50's :P

big pearls: LOL yes Ma'am its first on my check list :P

Purgy: e bas zain chethee alwa7ed ishyabee akthar min 10 more :PPPP

Lailaly: thanks 7abebty but I expect another bday wish on my bday ;)

e7em, 18 till i die.

I agree with Shurouq..
30 + are the best years...

no mental confussion.. it's calm and relaxed and the begining of self discovery.. enjoy it.. everyone is going to experience it.. so make the best out of it ;)

w happy b day :)

Flam: hahahahahaha... I love that about you... and I think I wanna say I'm 21 forever LOL

3beer: walla you and Shurouq make 30's sound so sexy and hot... I LOVE IT ;)
besides I know I will excel in my 30's I just know it ;)

gosh people enough with the age issue.. were not old were just surrounded by kids ay? :p

3ayal i7na ille 6afna our 30th min zamaaaaaan SHIN GOOL???? ;P ;P LOOOL

Ma 3indihum salfa, those that make a big deal about it. Thirty is still baaaaaabby years.

I can tell you that the most interesting thing I found about being post 30, post 35 and getting older (and getting up there towards another scary number beyond mid-thirties which we will not mention for the sake of my emotional health ;p ), is that my mental age is stuck exactly at 26. If you were to ask me how old I am inside, I would say 26. The only thing that has changed with me over the years (besides my skin needing night cream at night and an inexplicable powerful craving for rare steak and burgers at age 35 after not eating any red meat for almost my whole life since I was 5) is that I have become more experienced at better at finding my way through life, and my inner voice - my intuition, my instincts, my smarts, my compassion and most especially my confidence in myself have grown in ways I do not know how to tell you. I know you will experience it for yourself when you get there. That is the nicest thing about getting older. Being more secure and confident in who you are and what exactly it is you are and aren't. Learning to let go of fear. It's fear that makes you feel tired and old.

The most wonderful feeling of an ego-less confidence has come in my 30's - especially post 35. I spent so much of my twenties being needlessly fearful all the time and trying to achieve these goals and milestones I had in my mind - trying to make them come true whether they wanted to or not, dammit. And of course, so many did not. I have learned to let go, to allow myself to forgive myself. 3abeer's lovely comment is exactly right. I didnt begin to really start to like and accept myself until I was almost 35. I didnt know my own strength and power until then. I did not truly know what I was made of until then. I believe in myself now and I say these things completely without any egotism or hubris - I say them out of familiarity and acceptance. And I also know now that I am my own best friend and I like that very much :) I am an ok gal and now I finally know it.

That is part of what comes when you are in your 30's.

More power to you sweetheart, and happy birthday Virgo baby girl!

P.S. I always wanted to tell you that you remind me so much of my baby sister who is almost exactly one year younger than you (she was born in Sept too) and lives in AZ where she and her husband study :*

Oranjina: hahahaha YES that's exactly IT I'm surrounded by kids!! LOL

Ms.Baker: hahahahaha you and Shurouq and 3abeer make 30 Sexy baby ;)

I know I am still discovering who I am and what I want... I don't think I have reached your point yet but I'm working on it... I used to feel sorry for myself over the years I have wasted but now I just look back and reflect... I thank god for having an amazing supporting parents who always make me feel like I'm somebody and it took me a while to realize that I'm not a failure and I do have something to offer,,, I guess it came with age... but to be honest with you I'm still a kid at heart... I love to watch cartoons.. I love coloring,,,hahahahaha I don't think I really grew up! but hey age is just a number!!

and about your sister! I didn't know you had a sister in AZ?! how cool is she in Phoenix or Tucson?

oh btw Ms.Baker... I read your blog recently and I feel guilty because I never did before and you always comment on my blog and please accept my deepest condolences about your father.. I know I'm really late!
and I wanna say you are an amazing person... I have always loved your comments on my blog and you always make me smile... Love you Ms.Baker :****

JB sweetie, no one could be more of a late blooming slowpoke than me when it comes to life... I spent too much time dwelling on the failures until I suddenly realized that I was forgetting I had quite a few successes too. Life just never stops moving and evolving, no matter how old you are. That realization revealed itself to me recently, just when I thought it was all over. One thing I strongly believe in with all my heart and soul - especially now that I have had to do it more than once in my life, is that it is very, VERY possible to pick yourself up and stand up straight again in honor and dignity when everything comes crashing down in tiny sharp pieces around you. And there is no one who knows that more than I. Its always paossible to start again, to build and rebuild something new and more wonderful than before, even within yourself.

My sister: she went/goes to ASU (she and her husband) believe it or not, and so does my next oldest sister who is doing her MSc and PhD there too hehehe. I bet you guys may hover around each other, I'm sure it's a close community.
Ok I have to tell you this story about her. A few years ago, she and her US best friend came all the way from AZ to Kuwait, in backpacks, Birkenstocks, T-shirts and jeans and assorted books on history and religion. They were on their way to Petra, Jordan to go on an archaeological dig as part of their research and studies. She was very "granola"-ified, an all organic food proponent, holistically philosophical, and very opinionated. We thought she was never coming back to Kuwait EVER. No way would she ever be a part of typical Kuwaiti life. Two years later, she marries a (wonderful, much loved and amazing) Kuwaiti man from one of biggest bedouin (but 7athar) families there are in Kuwait - and she met him at ASU too. I will leave other details for another time, akhaaf i6ee7oon 3lay oo igoolon 3ani um-ilfathayi7 writing out their stories here in the blogs ;p

Thank you so much sweetheart for your kind condolences, they are much appreciated :* Your warm and gentle heart and lighthearted frolicsome spirit are the things I have always loved about you. It's you who always makes me smile and are the most beautiful breath of fresh air.

Much love right back at you :***

i have a suprise for you when that day come ;**

al3omar killa inshallah ya aghla JB! :) :)

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