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Jelly Belly on her way back!!

For the first time in 5 years eveyone in my family will be at one place!
I'm gonna finally make it back to Kuwait after so long!! so I guess I will be blogging more often when I get to Kuwait!!

anyways I'm bored at Heathrow's airport and the internet is expensive so cant really post a really long post.. but I will when I get home! (I honestly don't know if we even have internet at home! LOL)

the next time I will be posting it will be from Kuwait..so stay tuned! :P

oh yeah one more thing... I think I will be needing therapy sessions soon... so if you know anyone let me know! LOL

Welcome back :)

so it is happening for real this time? girl we miss you welcome bacccck ;|**

a5eeraan haa!
welcome back :)

Besalamah inshallah....
Garrat 3ain ahalich :-)

hahahaha nawarrr 7ad ildoooooooosa babes!!

كل عام و انتم بخير

عيدكم مبارك


و حمدالله عالسلامة

finally ! bisalama enshalla :)

welcome back muqdman sweets :*

I'm sure you are home by now. Hopefully you are happy and life is good. I'm sure there is a little culture shock but you'll be ok. :)

hope you had a safe trip :) are you here for good? if so, i would second the therapy sessions :P~

jello bello

اتابع كل ما تنشرين منذ وقت طويل جدا

و انا بالنتظار جديدك من ارض الوطن


so .. R u here yet
I don't see u posting?
تقصين علينا

Welcome back :)

Hope everthing is ok? Long time no post.

She must not have internet access anymore? We miss you,JB hope everything is ok.

came here to check on you, hope all is OK

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