Sunday, April 27, 2008

Animal lover A.K.A Tarzan!

you know I haven't vented out in my blog for a while just because I know A LOT of people know who Jelly Belly is and hell some of the people I blogged about read my blog... as I said before I was never good on keeping secrets and hiding my identity now that's being said I wanna vent out again and I don't care if the person who I am gonna dish about read this post :P

so today I went to see some guy friends whom I haven't seen in a while.... it was nice to catch up with them until this "girl" showed up at their place... so let me tell you a little bit about her before I continue... I never liked her because she's double faced and she's an attention whore... plus the fact she pretend she's so innocent when she's really not!

I never pretended to like her and I think she knows I don't like her but I respect my friends and I respect their company... now here is the thing... I LOVE ANIMALS and most of my guy friends have either dogs or cats at their place and this girl creates the biggest scene every time she visits the guys because either the dog or the cat are bothering her!!

she starts screaming and jumping on the sofa and acting like an idiot!!!
and what pisses me off she either kicks the cat and yell at the guys to put the cat in the room!
so today while I was chilling with them she did her whole drama thing again and all I did I told her to chill the cat was under the table and he was scared from her yelling and screaming... apparently she didn't like what I said and she stormed out of the guys house and then she text msg me saying I should stop being a "Tarzan"  and not everyone can be around animals.... she made me so pissed by her comment and she made me feel as if I was the one who made her leave!
I answered her back by saying I'm sorry if I made you leave but I didn't do that to piss you off...I just hate it when people mistreat a cat or dog like that!

I really wanted to tell her more but I don't know why I didn't she came back and I couldn't stay with her at the same place... she just made me feel I do things to piss her off and I'm a mean person!
no matter how much I dislike this chick but I would never do such a thing! she even made one of our guy friends feel sorry for her and made him believe I do such things purposely just to piss her off!!

the thing I don't understand why would she go and see them at their place if she knows they have a cat or a dog and she's so afraid to be around animals!!!!!!

so yeah my new nick name is "Tarzan" or 6arazaaan.... aaaaaah aaaaaaa aaaahhhaaaaaaa LOL

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today is game one against the team I hate the most in the NBA the San Antonio Spurs...I'm really excited to see the show down between Shaq and Duncan...I hope this year will be the year that we'll beat them... I know its gonna be an exciting western conference....I believe in the SUNS... let's kick some ass :P



I can't believe we lost the first game...the Suns were leading until the end of the 4th quarter... then the game went to DOUBLE over time.... it was just a very close game the Spurs won 117 to 115 to the Phoenix Suns...I'm sad that we lost but its only game one in what looks like a very exciting series to come...I just hope Shaq will deliver in the next game because I think he fell short...I have to say I really miss Shawn Marion in the team! But gotta keep the spirits up.

Game 2 Tuesday....  Let's GO SUNS!


as usual we were leading until the second half...I have to say Shaq did deliver this game and he did so much better than game one... Stoudemire was great in the first half but he went cold after the second half started... one thing I hate to admit is the Spurs played great defense... but Game 3 will in Phoenix...home court and I hope they will win...I have tickets to game 4 and it would really suck if I see my team lose! 

so all I can say is I STILL BELIEVE 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hey bloggers,

How are you? Is everyone doing well?

I miss you guys....tell me what's going on with you and you and you?

me...I'm doing OK...I thought I was going home in December but due to unfortunate events things got delayed...hey don't worry I'm kind of happy for the delay but not too sure that my parents are LOL

I know everyone is busy with the up coming you guys have any favorites? I wanna make it home before the elections....but not sure if I it on May 17th?

any how...just wanted to say hello and check on you guys please don't be strangers and leave me comments....walahat 3aleekum


Jelly Belly :*