Monday, June 25, 2007

آنا الخليجي

Disclaimer for all the Kuwaiti men who will read this post...please don't hate me...I'm just saying what's on the mind of some Kuwaiti women :P

Two of my friends lately married non-Kuwaiti men...they married from the neighboring GCC of the girls been dating the guy for a while before they got married and I once asked her do u miss Kuwaiti men? I know my question was very stupid but hey I had to ask...her answer was no...all the Kuwaiti men that she have dated treated her like shit and cheated on her!! She told me I haven't been back to Kuwait for a while and things have really changed.
According to her Kuwaiti men are the worse now when it comes to cheating...maybe she's right...I have been away for so long and my past relationships has always ended because they were never faithful and since I will be moving back very soon and settling in a GCC country for a little while her advice was to look for a man there and give up on Kuwaiti men! LOL
so the question is do u ladies still have hope that there are good Kuwaiti men left out there?
guys please explain yourselves :P

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Focus on me please!

OK I know many of you are guilty of this but I have to let it out and say it....if you are in the company of friends please put down your cell phone and stop text messaging!!!

Today I went out to dinner with a friend whom I haven't seen for a while and I didn't have the quality time I was hopping for because she couldn't put her phone down!
I had to leave the table and go out for a smoke and I told her when she's done text messaging she knows where to find me!

Why is it so hard for so many people these days to put down their cell phone and enjoy someone's company?
the only time I'm guilty of doing this is when I get a message from my mom because I know if I don't reply she's gonna get worried.

So please enjoy your friends company not your damn cell phone! :P