Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Fat Rant

I found out about this video from a friend and I fell in love with it.
Joy Nash tells it like it is and just like her I went through a lot of things she mentioned in her video.
Watch the video...have an open mind...appreciate a REAL WOMAN :)

My favorite line is "I'm Fat and it's doesn't mean I'm stupid or ugly or lazy or selfish...I'm Fat."

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back Again!

I decided to post again after neglecting my blog for so long...many of my friends thought that I quit blogging (which I've thought about) and others were nagging me to post something...but my blog reflects my personal life and I felt empty...I didn't have anything to say! I know I called my blog Jelly Belly Nonsense but a lot of my posts are the past couple of months I was going through rough times and depression did take over my life.
I isolated myself from a lot of people around me because I hate it when people think of me as being weak or the others who just don't understand why I keep falling back into depression and think I'm just being dramatic about my life...whatever the case is I just didn't want to be around people...
The best thing about being alone is you get to think and reflect about many things in your life....One of the major things that I needed to do is cut off someone from my life after seven and half years....I think it was one of the hardest things I've ever done but I knew I had to do it...why now? after all these years...I think I'm becoming emotionally numb or as the lyrics of one of my favorite songs I have become comfortably numb!
My dear cousin analyzed my relationship and she told me something that I think I already know but she said that I keep sabotaging my education and delaying my graduation to avoid what's waiting for me back home...hmmmmm yeah I think she's right since I have only 4 classes to graduate and I keep delaying those 4 as long as I could!!!
now what is the point of this whole post? I honestly can't tell you myself because I think I'm still confused about many things in my life and I need to figure out a way to pull myself together soon! Wish me luck finding myself again :)

On a lighter note I found the song that I was looking for back in April of 06....thanks to Youtube and Sporty4ever :)

Sa3a mawzoona sa3a tara'la'leee (That's how I feel LOL)