Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The big 30 scare!

OK so I'm turning 30 in September and everyone around me is making such a big deal out of it except for me?! Is that normal?
I honestly don't feel like I'm turning 30.... I think I'm still stuck some where around 23 or 24 LOL... 

the other day I went to the gas station to get some cigarettes and the lady at the gas station carded me (asked for my I.D) and she said oh someone is turning 30 soon and I smiled and said yes... she was talking about her son turning 30 soon too and he's stressing over being 30 and I don't know if she was trying to make me feel old or what but at the end I smiled at her again and said Hey lady you just carded me for cigarette so I don't feel a day older than 18 :PP

So yeah still in the States for those who's asking debating whether to spend my 30th bday here or back home! LOL

So to all my friends who are in their 30's or turning 30 soon people AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and please stop stressing over it and making me feel OLD :PPPPPP

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Root for the Champ TODAY!

UPDATE #2: I Just checked the website and he came in 4th place with a time difference of 0.06 seconds behind the 3rd place winner! hard luck ya Bu Juwais but we are still proud of you and inshallah you'll make it to the next olympics :D
aham shay refa3t rasna wala :))))))

UPDATE: The game is TODAY at 6:47 P.M Beijing time which is I think 1:47 P.M Kuwait time. 
He will be competing in the Men's 50m Freestyle... Good luck Mado :)

I wanted to write this post about a wonderful young man that I had the pleasure of knowing and I'm so proud of his determination and achievements....

Mohammed Mado is a young Kuwaiti swimmer who goes to school at ASU and part of the Sun Devil Swimming team... he actually made it to the Olympics this year which was a long dream of his... Tomorrow is his big day so I want everyone to watch him... pray for him... root for him

Win or lose "Muddy Madwa" we're proud of you...


for the official athlete bio go to the link below: