Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

First of all Happy Eid to all...I know I'm late as usual but I have been busy packing my stuff and going to good-bye parties...yes I'm still in the States and some of my friends and my family think I'm not ready to leave...even my friends here who gave me those good-bye parties were saying they might do another one since they don't think I'm leaving any time soon...LOL

I think I will be sticking around for a little longer to attend a friends wedding at New Years Eve...yes that's where I'm going to spend my New Years at...

Any ways I wanna wish everyone Happy Holidays...As usual every year since I started this blog I have been posting pictures of Xmas tree of one of my favorite places in Arizona...so here are some pictures of this year tree and previous years :)

2007 Xmas tree...the theme is fire-fighters and fire tracks.

Xmas tree... the theme was plasma balls.

2004 Xmas tree...the theme was colorful barbicide jars with broken barbies and toys in them.

Oh one more thing I should be celebrating is My blog's birthday but I forgot about it of course! :| My blog is 4 years old...YAY!