Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jelly Belly شلي قشج

Oh my poor've been neglected for too too long and I'm sorry...

Well life has been really busy in the past 6 months...I'm getting ready to leave for feels so weird packing my stuff from a place I called home for the past seven years! Yes, its been seven years since I came to Arizona...same apartment never changed it really feels like the things you find while you're packing...some old earrings I thought I old cute top that for some funny reason I believed I could still fit into LOL....but my favorite finds are pictures...I found so many pictures when I first came to the States...oh all I could think of when I saw those pictures…Jelly Belly laish ma7ad galich you need to wax/thread your eyebrows!! LOLAnother set of pictures that made me laugh were my high school pictures.... I was looking through them and I laughed on how innocent I looked at that time and then I had a moment of silence realizing that I was the only single person in those pictures...all the girls are married and mothers! Wow Jelly you really have spent half of your life in the States...everyone have built and moved on with their lives and for some reason you're still stuck in time!

Talking about being single again! The person I have been dating for the past 7 years left me for another girl! I admit it wasn't the healthiest relationship I had because most of it was long distance and girls please please never ever try a long distance relationship...I cried my eyes out for 2 weeks because I really felt I wasted my time on someone who didn't deserve my love! The thing is we've been on and off for a while but what really pissed me off is when I was ready to leave him he pulled me back into the relationship saying he still loves me and he's waiting for me… just about a month ago he breaks up with me by sending me a text message! A freaking text message!! saying "there is someone else" how would you react to that? My initial reaction was to kill him...I mean how could you break up with me after all I have invested in this relationship...aaaaah and the timing of it so perfect just before I get back he decides to tell me...I wasn't a fool and I always knew no man could be faithful but the way he kept manipulating me I have to admit he was a master at it....aaaaah I have so much anger in me that I seriously wanna slash his tires and key his car...ooh the satisfaction that would give me in doing that to his brand new car...oh sweet Jelly Belly could be a psycho bitch if she wants to...hey anyone wanna help me? I need a get away car :P

I'm in a phase where I still listen to sad songs and cry over the bitch but I know I will get over him sooner or start.

Another thing that makes me cry these days is my beloved cat Leo/Bu-ess3ayed...I can't take him with me and the fact of leaving him behind is breaking my one wants to adopt him and I don't wanna take him to the animal shelter because I'm afraid if they don't find him a home, they'll put him to sleep :(

Selling my beloved car (Too7a) is another pain…no one wants to buy an old dodge Durango that built some mileage over the years and sort of a gas hog…oh yeah and it doesn’t start unless you put it on neutral LOL…I think my only option is selling it in the auction :(

I can't believe I'm going back! It's true I won't be in Kuwait for a while...but I will be living with my parents again! I have mix feelings about it...I mean I need to catch up with so many things I missed out on all these years being away from them...I do miss my dad stories and my mom checking on me if I need anything...but will they give me the space that I need...I really hope they do!

I hope my mom wont freak out since I got another piercing...this time I got a nose piercing...I think its cute...the lady who does my eyebrows said the funniest thing when she saw it...she said ooooh Jelly Belly you like to put holes in your body LOL! What do you think? ;)

What else cheny gargat wayed? Oh Halloween was fun...I went as a guy who still thinks its 1980 ;P I can't believe its my last Halloween in the States :(
I think I should stop here.