Thursday, November 09, 2006

100 things about me.

I Finally decided to do my own 100 things about me list, so here it goes:

1. I’m daddys girl no matter how old I get.
2. I hate to talk on the phone for too long.
3. When my friends come and complain to me I usually ask them to get to the point.
4. I haven’t been back to Kuwait since 2003.
5. I hate long distance relationships.
6. I have been smoking since I was 13 years old.
7. The first time my father ever hit me when he found out I was smoking.
8. I usually drive around when I’m depressed with no destination in mind.
9. I wish I could stick to things in my life.
10. I tend to quit too easily.
11. I cry over silly things, commercials, sport events, movies!
12. I’m 5’11.
13. I never dated someone taller than me!
14. I hate it when strange people feel its ok to talk about my weight.
15. I miss my nephew a lot.
16. I was on the deans list before I screwed up in school.
17. I feel I disappointed my family in my education.
18. I lost the desire to work hard and finish what I started.
19. I don’t know how to get back to the person I once was.
20. I hate doing laundry.
21. I’m a chocolaholic.
22. I suffer from migraines, when the pain gets too intense I’m sensitive to everything around me from lights to even the slightest sound.
23. I enjoy spending time by myself.
24. I have gained so much weight the past year over depression.
25. I used to be on anti-depressants meds.
26. I enjoy sitting in my balcony every morning to drink a cup of Turkish coffee and smoke my cigarette.
27. I have tried quitting cigarettes 6 times in my life.
28. The longest I’ve been without a cigarette was 3 weeks.
29. I feel life is passing by and I’m still where I am.
30. This past summer me and my mother became so close.
31. I never thought I will have an open relationship with my mother. I miss her a lot.
32. I’m an open book, I can’t hide things about my life.
33. I was told by many close friends I’m too nice and people take advantage of me.
34. My best road trip memories were with Chubby Femme “Matha 3omery Matha” :P
35. I cried on my best friends wedding because I felt like I lost a friend.
36. I get car sick/motion sickness if I’m not driving.
37. I miss my grandmother’s stories.
38. I enjoy singing in the shower.
39. I enjoy watching anime.
40. I’m an Inuyasha fan!
41. I love celebrating in holidays.
42. I’m usually good in remembering my friends/family birthdays.
43. I don’t like to cook, unless I really have to.
44. I have pictures of family and friends every where in my apartment.
45. I have a wall of pictures of my nephew alone.
46. I have trouble sleeping during the night.
47. I’m a night person no matter how many times I tried to change that habit.
48. I love my cat but I can’t take him back with me to Kuwait. I can’t bare the idea of leaving him behind.
49. I had a major fight with my brother in the summer over my cat.
50. I don’t have a favorite color.
51. I can’t sleep unless the TV is on.
52. My first kiss was when I was 19.
53. My first drink was when I was 16.
54. I’m an emotional person.
55. I don’t hold a grudge against people.
56. I wish I could speak Urdu.
57. I love reading history books.
58. I enjoy watching old movies.
59. On my 20th birthday, I celebrated 3 times in 3 different cities ;)
60. I haven’t seen my younger brother for 4 years.
61. I lived on Ramen noodles for 2 weeks when I got really broke.
62. I paid a pizza guy once with all the coins I had and tipped him too!
63. I miss swimming in the sea.
64. I know of 3 family members who read my blog but they never told me.
65. I never invite my friends over to my place.
66. I have a perverted mind and I don’t deny it :P
67. I hate rain, I’m more of a sunshine person.
68. I colored my hair pink once.
69. I used to have an eyebrow piercing and a tongue piercing.
70. I rarely wear make-up unless it’s special occasions.
71. I have big feet.
72. I could never find nice and comfortable shoes.
73. I love going to museums.
74. I ran away from my house when I was 8 and my mom found me with a little bag that had a sandwich and KDD chocolate milk.
75. I ran away because I had a fight with my older brother.
76. I used to speak with a Bahraini accent when I was younger.
77. I still can’t tell the difference between some Bahraini and Kuwaiti words.
78. I love Kuwait and miss it a lot.
79. I know I will miss the States too when I get back.
80. I love playing cards.
81. I met one of my friends on
82. I’ve wanted to do this list for a while but I never had the patience and the courage to do it until now.
83. I stole my brother motor bike and fell and broke 2 of my ribs.
84. My mother sold the bike and my brother was pissed at me for 2 months.
85. I love watching sports.
86. Qadsaweya.
87. I love watching Phoenix Suns basketball games.
88. I had the pleasure of meeting Walter Cronckite.
89. I wish I knew my uncle better before he passed away.
90. I love going fishing with my father.
91. I hate to throw away stuff.
92. I still have all the birthday and greeting cards I was ever given in a shoe boxes.
93. I love going to the movie theatre alone.
94. I’m not afraid of any type of insects.
95. I’m claustrophobic.
96. I’ve known someone online for 10 years but we never met.
97. I used to have a kharoof/sheep as a pet and I named him toosh.
98. I broke a window with a slingshot (naba6a/falateya) in Bahrain.
99. I wish I was there for my cousin wedding.
100. I thought about quitting my blog.