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a warm and fuzzy feeling

You know how you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you're around someone you like? I think I have that feeling toward someone but the thing is I think that feeling is not mutual :(

I don't wanna say I'm sad because I haven't had this feeling for a very long time! One of my friends thinks that I should be happy and enjoy the "moment of excitement" and as much as I wanna agree with my friend but at the end I want more.

How can you tell someone that you like them without risking that friendship? 
ok some of you may say there are signs if that person likes you back... hmmm well what if that person is hard to read and you're not sure how to interpret their actions toward you?

It's not every day I come across someone with a charming personality and I share a lot of things in common with (at least I think I do) I wish I could read his mind and know but I guess I have to suffer the agony of not knowing... 

Whatever the case is I guess I want to thank Mr. Charming for making me feel that warm and fuzzy feeling again after I lost faith in it. 
Thank you :)

Oh yeah one more thing Mr. Charming you have no idea what you're missing LOL ;P

steer the conversation in that direction ... see his reaction

what have u got to loose

Purgy :))

eshda3wa: I wish I can do that and not feel awkward or even worse make him feel uncomfortable!

let him be the one to express it first...welcome to kwt honey...if you initiate it, you risk losing the friendship all together

And, as I see it, you don't need a man to feel that way ;)

I can't even write your nick name it's so funny!
well you're right I should let him express it and if he doesn't say anything I know he's not interested :(
but yeah I don't wanna lose him as a friend either so I shouldn't be too sad right? :)

hahahahaha and I wish I don't need a man to feel that feeling but in my case I do ;P

LOL I wonder who he is..Thank you Mr Charming

Shopa: hahahahaha keep wondering ;P

I am just glad that he is a he.. that's all

(as Seinfeld once said :"not that there is anything wrong with that") lol

Don: since I started blogging again and I see your comments its so hard for me to not say your real name looool :P

ANY HOW... yes I'm glad he is a he as well I still haven't switched teams yet but hey maybe I will if my luck doesn't change with men LOOOOOL

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You never know, sometimes being friends can be a wonderful start? :)

Christina: I really hope so! But I also shouldn't get my hopes up too. I realized that but whatever the case might be, I know I will have a wonderful friend that I respect and admire :)

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