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Old blogger in a new blogging world

I started blogging again because I really missed it. I mean I used to post from time to time but I never really went and read other blogs like I used to. I started searching the old blogs that I used to read and to my surprise many of those blogs you have to have a permission to read their posts and its invitation only!! LOL
Almost everyone switched to Wordpress and my oh my there are so many new bloggers!! 
I sound like an old lady when I say this but I really miss the old days of blogging. It was a smaller community and everyone checked on each other from time to time. Personally I will never forget all of the old bloggers who supported me during my tough times. 
I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to meet many of those bloggers in person, some of them became close friends :))
So here we go again, an old blogger in a new blogging world ... I just think my blog needs a face lift after all those years! LOL
any volunteers? hahahahahha

welcome back old blogger

moodart: thanks.. glad to be back :)

who are you calling old ;p?

and why go to places where you need permission to comment ;p

i feel old too


u got me in tears:P

Purgy: hahahhaha you, me and some others who were blogging back in 2004 and prior :P

LOL yeah I know but some of those bloggers had cool posts and I loved reading their blogs! Oh well :P

Superman: you should know that superman never ages! :P
o ba3dain inta mashallah 3aleek you keep getting new readers in your blog so you should never feel old... dayman motajaded ya ma6goog ;)

I am just keeping my blog for old time's sake, or when the devil makes me write. It is interesting that your icon picture is still the same, I wonder who gave you that idea ;p

شخبارى جيلي بيلى:)

ولكم باك

Oh My! now you know how I feel...and that's why I commented on your post that day I was soooo happy that I found you :D..
Missed you

I always thought you had the coolest blogger name. Welcome back!

welcome back

Purgy: Well I hope the devil will keep you writing ;P

Bu Maryoom: hahahaha 7ada shakhbaree.. mashkoor ya bu maryoom :)))

Rimyoleta: 7abebty thank you so much, I missed you as well :)

Intlxpatr: oh Wow! the coolest nick name ha? thanks :))

EXZombie: Thanks dear :)

about time, enjoyed ur 2 last post's! your amazing as a blogger and in person aka F.B!

yeah especially blog's about fashion, long.. very long stories (love stories) eek..

ur blog absolutely outstandingly fabulous the way it is:)


Oranjina: 7abebty thank you :*
ha ya3eni rayich I leave it the way it is? ;)

U sound like an old lady, because you are an old lady..

الاعتراف بالحق فضيلة

شرايج وانا أقول فضيلة؟؟


I know and I'm a little worried about what happend to Jewearia? From one day to the next her blog now needs permission and when I emailed her to get the permission the email was returned as undelievable. I even replied to an email she sent me to make sure and still it was returned. I hope everything is ok for her.

Don: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ma agool ila:

يا شين السرج على البقر

Christina: Yeah her blog was invitation only for a while but not any more here is the link to her blog:


шлюхи Москвы невероятны!

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