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يا ناس يا شر كفاية قر

Today or maybe I should say yesterday since its already morning now, I got a phone call from someone I haven't spoken to in a while. As usual this person is always curious about my life as if my life is THAT exciting LOL!

I told her I went out with a couple of friends and she was shocked how I made friends so fast since I'm in UAE now and not in Kuwait.  I told her I'm lucky I guess some of the people I met here, I met through introducing myself to them and others I met through people I already knew. I honestly didn't see the big deal of me having friends here I mean its not really hard to make friends if you're friendly enough and you make the effort on calling the people you just met. In her case she was just shocked and told me I could be in Siberia and I will still make friends there! I laughed it off but it made me think why is she so jealous that I have no problems making new friends? I mean she has plenty of friends, I think most of them are fake friends but hey she calls them friends!!

I also started thinking about it more of the whole "Evil Eye" thing.. I wasn't the biggest believer in that but there were so many events that happened to me in the past 9 months it just got me to believe there are some things that people are just envious about! Including my friendships!!

my sister in law made me laugh once when she told me I shouldn't write happy things on my facebook status because people have told her that I'm lucky to have a happy personality LOL

I wish if I can tell those people I was on antidepressants for a while and food was my refuge to happiness... don't be fooled by my "happy go lucky" personality because no one is always that happy unless they are on something! LOOOOOL

Anyways people I'm friendly and I can't help it, if you're not friendly enough that's your problem ;P

yeah make sure you take precautions :)

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Purgy: yeah alshaba o al7armal are on stand by LOL

I'm sorry to hear that you went through a lot in the past 9 months. 3asa mo elsebab el regalah allah ug6a3hom? :P

No, jad...I wish you a happy life, always.

why would anyone be jealous of ppl making friends

will there be any less friends to go around ya3ni !

oh my GOD!!! your still here :D...
I missed your blog :D

Toz belrejjala: Thanks 7abebty... actually a big part of it was "regalah" allah yeg6a3hum 9ij bas among other things bas yeah we all have good days and bad days!

Thank you 7abebty I wish you a good life as well :*

eshda3wa: LOL ana adree? she's always been the jealous type! I swear even if she had everything she'll still be jealous of something or another! allah yekafena shar e3yoonhum bas.

Rimyoleta: halaaaaaaaaaaaa its been ages! I know I have been kind of blogging again... I missed it :)

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