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I thought after coming back from the States my insomnia problem will get better but oh no no I think it kind of got worse :(
I really don't know how the hell I can fix this problem! 
Since I can't go to bed I decided to blog... after all I haven't been blogging in a while. Let's do some updates... well one of the biggest things that I have done recently is having a surgery... I know some of my friends will kill me for talking about it on my blog but hey I have always like sharing things with my readers :P
I had a lap band surgery to help me lose weight! OK before you go on judging me and saying I took the easy way out... I did it the hard way first by dieting and exercising but I fractured my ankle earlier this year and it made things hard for me :(
but yeah it has been a month now since the surgery and I lost some weight and I got myself back to the gym and I feel great about myself :)))
I'm so blessed to have so much support from friends and family... I even made new friends since the surgery who helped me through the process.

hmmm what else... I have been invited to two weddings in the past week o mashallah they were both in the 30+ age group and I wanna say to all my single friends see there is a light at the end of the tunnel LOL
no I'm just being sarcastic about the whole 30 year old single Kuwaiti girl because I swear I have been feeling the pressure from people here in Kuwait... damn some women are just mean and I swear I really try to develop a thicker skin and let things slide but some of these comments are just too freaking hard to swallow.

another thing that's really depressing me is my brother and his family moving to another country for the next 2 years. I can't even bare the idea being away from my niece and nephew :(
I never thought in a million years I will be that attached to those kids... I mean I remember when I first came back I used to complain to one of my friends how noisy and annoying the kids are and now if I don't hear them I panic! 
I even told my sister in law she can hire me as their nanny since I'm still jobless LOL ;P

ok my post is getting long and I think I should try to get some sleep since I have things to do in the morning but until the next time... take care ;*

Good for you Jelly Belladonna :-)

a8dam a8daaam.. btw, I don't know how to call you JB again.. your real name stuck in my head.. :P

Jewaira: 7ayateee I missed you so much and I missed your loving comments on my blog :***
and thanks hun :**

Don: LOOOOOL walla walla I wrote your real name and then realized its my blog not facebook LOOOOL
ee adree gedam o ga3dean nestarje3 ayaaam al7elwa lel blogs ;P

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wow ididnt blog for the longest time...
well no one is judging u because thats hardly an "easy way out".. however make sure u structure ur plan carefully .. work with a trainer they should know of a way to work out without furthure harming ur ankle .. this surgery is not magic and im sure u didn ur research before u go for it .. my suggestion is that u start reading a good book about nutrition since u wont be eating for a while lol this will reprogram or brain wash u so u wont be misreable later or go back to point zero... many of my friends who didnt do their homework had depression episodes after this surgery.. im sure its not going to happen to u,,

and about getting married over 30 which many of my friends r doing ( my case is different i did marry very young but thats adifferent story) as a lactation educator i see women who get married 30+ make the right decisions when it comes to breastfeeding their children and other child care decisions ... i see young women in their 20s making horrible decisions and terrible terrible mistakes that makes them misereable for the rest of their life basically :/
as for ur brother leaving i totally understand and even go through a similar situation! first my only brother leaves to london then he comes back then i have to leave with my husband and kids to the states then when i will be back my sister will be leaving it feels like that we will never be in the same country for years to come... :"(

Organic: sorry it took me a while to reply! I need to check my blog more often!
you're so right hun, I need to see a nutritionist to organize a healthy diet plan to go along with my working out!
I will take a good care of that because I don't wanna mess it up ;)

and allah yesa3dich hun, that's how my family is been going through for years! non of us at the same time for long period of times! :(
bas allah yejma3kum inshallah soon enough :*

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