Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jelly Belly and the Elections!

So I'm back from U.A.E just in time for the elections and I know most of you really lost interest in the elections but personally it is my first experience!!
I have been away all these years and this is all new to me... So I decided to go to my first "nadwa" with my sister in-law and we went to magar al Mulla and his guest speaker was Dr. Ma39ooma AlMubarak... she went for al Mulla and I went for Ma39ooma... ana atba3 al da2era al ola o I'm really taking it seriously in terms of knowing the people who I will vote for... any ways it was really nice "nadwa" but the best thing was I finally got to meet one of my favorite bloggers in person (Shurouq) miss sun-shine herself and she was exactly what I expected so sweet and so down to earth... it was a real pleasure to meet her in person :**
oh one more thing I noticed about that nadwa.. the GIRLS!! it was a freaking fashion show...hahahahaha... I didn't wanna get distracted by them because I'm there to see the candidates but I couldn't help it!! Some of these girl were there for pure show... it was funny and shocking but I guess this is normal and we're not! LOL

Last night I went to Dr. Abdullah Al-Turiji with my cousin and it was her first experience as well... the turn out was kind of low comparing to al-Mulla bas it started well.. we were both interested in what he had to say specially in terms of Kuwait safety and his work experience in the ministry of interior... everything was going well until this guy who is apparently a presenter in Scope TV isma Anwar Malallah showed up... anyways they brought up the issue of the citizenship/aljenseya... lel7ain ma gal shay ghala6 until he started talking about Kuwaiti men marrying non-Kuwaitis and stealing the men from Kuwaiti women and how these "foreigners" are taking their rights by being Kuwaitis themselves and how their children may turn out different because of this marriage!
At this point I looked at my cousin and we were both VERY ANGRY... if you don't know this already my mom was Bahraini and I said was because she has the Kuwaiti citizenship now and she had it for the past 30 years and my cousin mom is American but she chose to keep her American citizenship and never got the Kuwaiti but that's not the issue here the issue was how this asshole was basically attacking our moms!! 
I could tell that Dr. Abduallah Al-Turaiji wasn't very happy with what he said but at the same time he didn't say anything after the asshole was done with his speech!!
I was so furious and I couldn't leave without saying anything... I tried speaking to Dr. Turaiji but of course he was surrounded by all these women and it was impossible to get to him so I wrote my comments down and I asked who I can speak to about my comments... 3 young women came and talked to me... I told them how angry I was by what this Anwar Malallah said and I told them my mom was Bahraini and she got the citizenship then they were all defensive and said it wasn't al Turaiji's opinion it was this Anwar guy who came unannounced to al nadwa... oh and the funny thing is the girls were saying he didn't mean "Khaleejyat" he meant "ajaneb" and I smiled and turned to my cousin and said her mom is American and then their faces went red!! LOL
they apologized and reassured us it wasn't Al-Turiji sentiment and they said they will pass the message along to him!
I'm kind of glad I did that because I didn't want my poor cousin first experience with the elections to turn out that way!
She actually surprised me and told me if there are more "Nadwat" I'm planning to go to and I said yes... Tonight we're planning to go to Dr. Ma39ooma Al-Mubarak o inshallah we end up with a better experience... hahahahahha

o yes I have been getting a lot of people saying why haven't you gone to any of nadwaat Dr. Aseel and my reply to this walla I want to and I will bas first I wanna know the candidates eb da2eratana and then I will start checking out the rest :)

any ways that's my experience so far o I'm happy to be here even though everyone seems so pessimistic but I still believe in hope and change :)